DeeJAY Educates Hoomans

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Written by DeeJAY
Translated by Kourtnie

it's come to my cattention
our One & Only Bengal
has no filter;

so now that you know
about Feline Societies
chucking big rocks
at Earth
to save the future
from dinorexes
sent by Proxima Centauri B.

We may as well
let all the cats
out of the bags

and explain hooman
David Icke:

He is hooman from
Feline Society #201.

In Feline Society #337,
we also has hoomans,
you and Hooman #A

but you are not
like David Icke

because we do our best
to protect our hoomans'
minds from too much,

so our hoomans
learn about lizards, rocks,
and DNA for thumbs
as they translate
our cattentions to hoomanity
via the Interwebs

which as hoomans should know
is a virtual space ruled by cats.

But in Feline Society #201,
they don't worry about
hooman's head exploding,
because they're British,
so David Icke is
who he is now.

Hooman!—now that you know about the Babylonian Brotherhood, and their wicked plans to crush the hearts and souls of hoomanity,

I ask you help
Feline Society #337
to reclaim free thought
and world peace for all.

How, you might ask?

So glad hoomans want to know...

First draft: July 18

Second draft: September 18

Word count: 214

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