VII. Pops,Milkshakes and Exes

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I sat down in a booth with 5 well known people, scratch that, 4

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I sat down in a booth with 5 well known people, scratch that, 4. There was a short blonde who seemed oddly close to Sweet Pea.

"Oh! Hi didn't see you there, I'm Tara!" She turned to me. I was about to shake her hand when she pulled me into a hug.

"H-Hello." I smiled back. I was currently against the window next to Tara, Who insisted she sit by Sweet pea and Me- which I didn't want.

Jughead was across from me Toni Next to him, and Fangs on the other side.

I started texting Jughead,

Who the hell is the stranger next to me??
Why have I never met her.

Juggie👑: Idk. Tara, Sweet pea's Ex.



I sat with my palms propped up under my chin, holding me up as everyone was in there own conversations while Tara was still trying to talk to me.

"What's wrong princess?l Sweet Pea asked, Both me and Tara lifted our heads up. I slowly put mine down, saving myself from the embarrassment.

"Vanessa," Sweet Pea howled.

"What?" I turned to him harshly.

He seemed a bit taken aback.
"Okay damn." He rolled his eyes. I got to go home, dinners ready." I lied slamming 60$ down on the table, paying for everyone.

"But your phone didn't-" I cut Toni off my slamming the door off pops,Sweet pea chasing after me.

"What was that back there?" He asks, Gently placing his hands on either side of my face.

"That blonde girl, Really fucking annoying.
She's your ex?" I ask, trying to hide jealousy but clearly showing a-lot more than needed.

"Aw? You jealous?" He smirked. I pouted crossing my arms. "I only have an interest for you, and you only." He spoke. Pressing a long kiss to my lips.

I smiled up at his tall figure, and smiled thankful for who I had.

He wouldn't leave me. He loves me right? right.

Tara walked out of the diner, Followed By Fangs and Toni. Jughead was going to stay a bit longer.

The blonde insisted on walking me home.
"You and Sweet Pea Huh?" She smirked.
"Tara, I'm sorry, I didn't know about you and s-" I began before she hushed me.

"Hush hush, I'm over it! It was like a year ago! You two would look good together, rocking leather jackets! I mean, if you want to. In know way am I trying to pressure you, you do you girlie." She smiled at me. Okay maybe she wasn't annoying.

"You're not as bad as I thought you were, I thought you'd hate me." I smiled,
"Same. I thought you'd be walking in her with like 2 Chanel bags and 50,000 dollars." She joked.

We arrived at my house.
"Thanks Tara!" I yelled.
"No Problem Girlie!" She yelled back, walking away.

Tara had a sinister plan inside

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