Calm The Fire: 101

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Rushing out of the Mountain, Bilbo had ran desperately after Smaug as he made his way speedily to Lake Town. There was nothing more he could say, or do, nothing was going to stop the dragon in its bounding and leaping and eventual gliding and flying.

He had stopped short and near enough collapsed against the stones which made up part of the stony pathway which was in front of the Lonely Mountain. His eyes watched as the darkened figure of Smaug got further and further away, soon he was just a slither in the darkened night sky. The moon light only just caught his figure and illuminated him, but even then he was still hard to see. Giving a small fidget Bilbo stood and went to turn to leave only to stop and look with horror as fire flared and split the night sky. Letting out a heavy breath as if he'd just been winded Bilbo put his hands on his head and just watched.

He stood and watched as fire rained down from above and swept through the streets of Lake Town. Sure, he couldn't see the streets as they were struck with fire and suddenly stood ablaze. But he knew they were there, and he knew that the people who lived on those streets would be scared, screaming with fright and trying to find some means to escape. Only, there wasn't any escape. All around them there was water. Escape fire only to be stranded on the lake wasn't really a means of escaping was it?

Shaking his head he took a step back and had to literally tear himself away from the sight. His thoughts turned to his friends. They were all resilient, strong and wouldn't go down without a fight. But Bilbo couldn't help but think that they were at a disadvantage. The people of Lake Town wouldn't help, they'd be too concerned with their own safety than fighting the cause of their demise. The weapons which would be at hand would be ineffective, nothing could hurt a dragon, nothing but Black Arrows, and as far as Bilbo knew, none of them existed. And there was less of them, one was injured, they'd be at a disadvantage to think of a move to make which wasn't one of defence.

Turning back to the door way which he had ran out of, he looked to the faces of the Dwarves which were peeking tentatively out and around the shattered stone. Frowning lightly he continued on his way.

Walking past them, Bilbo put his hands in his pockets, as he did this he could feel the hard form of the Arkenstone. It sat in the inside pocket of his outer tunic. When he fled earlier on from Smaug's fire, he had clutched onto it and ran. Stuffing it in his pocket he continued to run and had it in mind to keep it hidden at any cost. He had already spied the effects it had on Thorin, and it was something he didn't wish to repeat.

“We have to do something.” He said while looking around with distant eyes. He didn't know what. What else could they possibly do? “We have to...” Bilbo said quietly while turning and looking back to the Dwarves. They were watching the sight of fire and burning, he frowned and shook his head. Walking forwards he pulled at the sleeves and shoulders of his comrades. Watching Lake Town burn wasn't going to achieve anything.

“We need to do something,” Bilbo said. There was no 'have' there was a 'need'. They had all played a part of unleashing the dragon. It was the only decent thing to do to help. “Are you listening-?”

“What would you have us do, Master Baggins?” Bilbo stopped tugging at his friend's sleeves and turned to look at Thorin. “Rush to Lake Town and perish in fire too? Need I remind you that we all have only just managed to escape such a fate?”

“We cannot leave Lake Town to burn to the ground.” Bilbo said while looking through the shattered door way, he could see the fires flaring and licking up at the night sky. He looked back to Thorin who just looked at him blankly. Something was seriously wrong. “Our friends are down there!” Bilbo exclaimed. “Fíli, Kíli, Óin, Bofur and Náriel! We can't just leave them down there.” Bilbo frowned and shuffled from foot to foot and even took a step back when Thorin started to move forwards and stopped a little in front of him.

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