I'll Be There (Jaemin)

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You held your cheek that stung but not as much as your eyes that glistened with tears.  Sohye, your older sister, stormed out of your room.  This wasn't anything new, but you were really tired of it.  Your older sister had a nasty temper.  She always picked unwanted fights with you, and sometimes, there was no reasoning behind them.  It was like making you mad was Sohye's hobby.

This time, she had barged into your room and accused you of stealing her lipstick.  But you knew very well that you had bought it with your own money that you had been saving up from your part-time job.  Sohye didn't even work.  Where would she get the money from to buy that lipstick, anyways?  

You knew she was jealous because your mom had called you pretty this morning.  However, whenever these fights happened, Mom always favored Sohye.  You didn't know if it was because your sister was older or if your mom just liked her more.  But it hurt that no one was ever on your side, even if you were right.

You were about to slam your door, but your sister turned around.  "I don't know what Na Jaemin sees in you.  For his birthday, I'll get him a nice pair of glasses, so that he can see what he got himself into and what he's missing out on," she vainly flipped her hair over her shoulder.

"What did you just say?  You think I'm not good enough for Jaemin?" your bottom lip trembled, but you couldn't cry.  You had stay strong and stand your ground.

"Of course!  Finally, you're catching on!  Congratulations, sweetie.  First of all, you're not one to go around bragging about your looks.  Look at me.  That boy would leave you for me any day.  He just hasn't spent enough time with me to realize it."

You couldn't believe your sister.  She had always said horrible things to you, but she had never dragged Jaemin into the picture.  Sisters were supposed to be supportive.  Yours was just cruel and despicable.

Not wanting to hear another word, you slammed your door shut and slumped against it.  What if all those things Sohye said were true?  You never thought of yourself as really pretty.  So what exactly did Jaemin see in you?

You decided to call him over because all you needed was someone's love.  You knew you wouldn't get it from your mom because Sohye must have already told her about the situation, so there was no way she'd be on your side.  Your mom would probably scold you for wasting your money on something like lipstick, anyways.  

"Hey, babe, is something wrong?" Jaemin asked.

You tried your hardest not to cry.  "Can you come over?  I fought with Sohye again and-" she had to stop herself before she full on sobbed.  

"I'll be right there.  Give me ten minutes."  Jaemin hung up.  He knew all about your older sister.  He wasn't sure why she kept picking on you so much.  But whatever the case, he had to be there for you.  

You opened your front door for your boyfriend, letting him inside.  He followed you upstairs to your room where you collapsed on your bed, feeling miserable once again.  Jaemin looked around the room, noticing tissues strewn on the floor.  

"What happened?" Jaemin asked softly, taking a seat next to you.

"Sohye told me I don't deserve you.  She said I wasn't pretty enough for you.  I think she's right," you teared up again.  

Jaemin stopped you by pulling you in for a tight hug.  He patted your back gently.  "Y/N, you know why I asked you out?  Because you have one of the most beautiful personalities I've ever seen.  I don't care about looks.  I don't care what you're wearing.  I just like you for you."

He smiled warmly at you, and you instantly felt better having been reassured that you really meant something to Jaemin.  He pulled you closer to him until you were resting in his arms.  You smiled up at him, pressing a small kiss to his cheek when you heard your door being forced open.

"Might as well see if you have anything else of mine while I'm at it," Sohye growled, but once she realized Jaemin was there, she straightened her posture and tucked her hair behind her ear.

"Oh, hi, Jaemin," she said in a much softer voice.  "What brings you by?  Would you like to help noona make some lunch?"

Jaemin stood up laughing, backing your older sister up until she was standing outside your room.  "You can have all Y/N's makeup if you want.  But it still won't cover up how fake you are."


A/N:  Oooooooo, I'm still shaking from Jaemin's clapback at the end haha!  Thank you @blueberrybanana101 for requesting this!  

I'm actually the older sister, but I'm definitely not mean.  I do have friends just like Y/N who complain to me about their older siblings.  They would always vent to me during lunch, and I would always tell them that they should be the bigger person!  Have you guys ever gotten in a fight with your siblings?  

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