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the rambling of the lad that appeared next to him caught to Louis' ears. Didn't that old woman just tell him that he'd be alone for the trip? He was a bit confused. He glanced at him subtly. Surprisingly, he recognized the mass of curls that he named "the-one-dumbass-who-almost-missed-his-plane" and his breath caught in his throat. The young man, he guessed he was on his early twenties, was moving around his seat anxiously. But that's not what caught Louis' attention. Actually, his eyes were roaming over the luscious chocolate curls framing perfectly the young boy's face. Louis certainly didn't notice that from far away when he looked at him with a quick glimpse. His hair was a mess but it looked somewhat tamed. Louis had to fight the urge to run his hand through the stranger's hair. He was really beginning to creep. His glance moved to the anxious emerald eyes that looked around madly everywhere and then fell to the male's pink lips. They were full and pouting - just like he liked it. He couldn't help but study every detail of the stranger's face. He felt everything around him zoning out and blurring as he watched with carefulness the young boy next

to him. 

Soon enough, he managed to shook himself off his reverie ,stop staring like a utter psychopath and tried to mumble a quick 'you okay?' to look a bit more normal and human rather than an eighty four year old pedophile.

The feathered haired boy saw Harry startle at his voice. And then green met blue. There was a moment between the two lads where they just stared at each other , unspoken words traveling around the two gazes. Before Harry managed to say,

"Um, yeah. Actually, no. I think i'm in the wrong plane and, oh no, i really don't know what to do. No, fuck , no. "

The voice of the lad , deep , slow and almost kind of sensual ..made Louis feel things that he wasn't suppose to feel. He tried to tone down the blush that was scattered all over his face by now. He frowned ,cleared his throat and tried to forget that those piercing green eyes were now staring at him. He got out his most carefree and im-too-cool tone as he said,

"Calm down man. It's only a flight, whe-when we'll lend in Chicago, you'll take a plane back to wherever you are ,um, heading. Just tell your problem to the flight attendants. That's all....pal." he didn't know how to finish his sentence and he didn't even know why but he certainly didn't want to finish it with that.

He coughed with embarrassment. What the fuck, when the fuck did he ever call someone 'pal' ?! Nobody says pal anymore, why did he-. He sighed. The guy was probably thinking that he was one of those cheesy weird fools that wore sandals with socks. It really didn't sound as cool and careless as he wanted but Louis brushed his pathetic lack of confidence and his weirdness off when he saw the young man smiling with relief and tried not to shit down his pants when he noticed the little dimple that formed on top of the man's rosy cheek. A dimple. A d-i-m-p-l-e on a cheeky as pink as the little sprinkles on cupcakes. God, he was already falling for the lad and he didn't even know his name. 


"Thanks ....pal. Um, i'll go and try to fix my problem , yeah. "

Harry sat up nervously , weeping his sticky hands on his jeans. He couldn't really get out of the seat without looking like an awkward mess in front of the gorgeous specimen next to him. He just wanted to get lost in the stranger's blue eyes forever. Harry never thought about someone - not in the less a man- like that. 

He sighed and went at the back of the plane to sort out his problem. He mumbled a quick "thanks again" to the lad next to him before heading directly in a flight attendant with a little 'ow!'.

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