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~Scar's POV~

I was going to a BOTDF concert tonight. My friend Lacey was suppose to come but of course she gets grounded the day before the concert. She gave the ticket her sister. Me and her sister have a very bad history together. Every time me and her sister Kaylie saw each other we tried to rip each others eyeballs out.  I got a text from my ex boyfriend  Kyler. We had broken up three days ago.

Kyler:  Hey are you going to be at the BOTDF concert tonite?

Me: Its none of ur business. so shut the hell ^ u haven't left me alone since the day we broke up. -.-

Kyler: Whatever hoe.  I TRY to act nice but u just r a bitch.


I threw my phone on my bed and checked over my appearance. I was wearing what i would everyday except i had done my eyeliner  exactly like Dahvie's.  I had forgotten about the BOTDF concert until about thirty minuets ago. I had already gotten dressed well who the hell walks around pajama;s all day. I have before but i had also gone to the mall today so of course i had to be dressed. I was in a BOTDF all the rage shirt with black ripped skinny jeans and my knee high converse. My purple hair was straightened and teased to the max. I changed out my black angel bites for glow in the dark green ones. I fluffed up my hair alittle and left to go to the concert.

~Skipping the car ride~

I was an hour early because i knew there would be a long line if i didn't. There were five people in front of me thank god i had remembered or i would be at the back of the line. I saw Dahvie and Jayy peek out of a curtain thing that was over this window. You could only see me out of it. "Crap" I muttered Jayy was looking straight at me. Dahvie had left to do something. Him being Dahvie probably doing something weird. I saw Dahvie run out of the door he signed a couple auto graphs and took pictures. My ex Kyler came up to me. "Ha you fucking emo fag. I found you." He sneered. grabbing my wrist painfully tight.

"For one Kyler you just called me an Emotional cigarette and Let me go." I yelled at him. He slapped me hard enough for my head to whip to the side. "LET ME GO KYLER NOW!"  I yelled louder. People were looking. He tried to pull me and i kicked him were the sun dont shine. He yelped and fell to the ground. Dahvie ran up to me. I was crying softly. Thank god for water proof makeup. "Come on sweetie come with me." Dahvie said sweetly I nodded and followed him. Once we were inside he stopped and turned towards me "Are you ok?" He asked looking at me. "Y-y-eah" i stuttered slightly. He inspected my cheek which im sure was red from me blushing and the slap. "Follow me" he said again. We went up some stairs and into a room were Jayy was.

He looked worried. "Are you ok? who was he?" Jayy rushed. "I'm fine and he is my ex Kyler." I said looking at Jayy who was looking at my cheek. Jayy stepped forwards and touched the cheek Kyler had slapped me on. I flinched hard. It had hurt even with the slighted touch. "Its not the first time he has done something like that. He has done worse. " I said. Tears started threating to spill.  "How long has he done stuff like that?" Dahvie asked quietly for the first time since we had entered the room. "T-t-t-hree years" i stuttered.  I started softly crying again. I wasn't one of those loud criers who would sob just from getting yelled at. "Ive been abused by Kyler and my whole family." I said looking down. Jayy pulled me into his chest were i cried into his shoulder. I was allot shorted on 5'3 so I was even shorter than Dahvie. . He rubbed my back soothingly. "Whats your name?" Jayy asked softly " Scar" . "Ok Scar let me fix your make up. When he slapped you he took atleast half of it off." Jayy said pulling back softly.  He told me to sit on a counter in the bathroom which I did. He started taking all of my makeup off and did it again. He also poofed up my hair a bit more.Once he was done i looked in the mirror. "Omg your really good at makeup" I looked down and i had just noticed Jayy had moved in between my legs when he had been doing  my makeup i blushed and so did he. "ARE YOU TWO HAVING SEX IN THERE?" Dahvie yelled from the other room. Me and Jayy giggled and made moaning sounds.  Dahvie walked into the bathroom and raised an eyebrow at us. I laughed. Jayy threw me a monster energy drink and he got one for himself. "Come on show starts in ten minuets!!!!!" Dahvie yelled looking at the time. We ran down stairs. Jayy threw my on his back making me even taller even though i was already as tall as him. I had to duck as we passed under a door way that led back stage. Jayy put me down and went into his dressing room and changed. So did Dahvie. I saw hundreds of colored contacts I put in some blue ones smiling at my self. I poofed up my already poofy hair. I started singing Bewitched. I danced around alittle before i turned around. Shit both boys were behind me smirking. "Hunny you look good with blue contacts but your green eyes are amazing." Dahvie stated before he walked behind me putting in green contacts. "Your an amazing singer by the way." Both boys said smiling. "No im horrible." I said looking down. "Nope by the way Scar your singing with us tonight." Jayy said hugging me. I loved his hugs. To bad he was gay. I sighed smiling at him. "Purple hair rocks!" i said out of no were both boys cracked up laughing. Jayy put in some blue contacts and it was time for them to go on stage. "WHATS UP SLASH GASH TERROR CREW!!!! ME AND JAYY HAVE A NEW FRIEND THAT'S GONNA SING WITH US TONIGHT!!!!  COME ON SCAR GET YOUR CRAZY ASS OUT HERE!!!SAY HI TO THIS PURPLE HAIR'D FREAK!!!!" Dahvie yelling into the microphone. I danced out onto the stage. I heard screams and clapping and of course whistles. I did some danced that Jayy has done before. "Show off" Jayy whispered into my ear. We sung bewitched first. I did the girl parts.then jayy made me sing his parts with him. Since there weren't that many girl parts in the song.

Songs we sang: Bewitched, Scream For my ice cream, S my D, Unforgiven, Believe, Sexting, Death To Your Heart and then lastly Love Struckk. J

Jayy pulled me into a big hug and then Dahvie joined us. Me and Jayy had screamed/ sung together. He shared his parts of the songs with me. I hope i didnt mess any of them up.  "Scar i gotta ask you something." Jayy said looking into my eyes . "Yeah Jayybear?" I said looking back into his eye. "Jayybear? and Will you go on tour with us and after tour will you live with us?" Jayy asked. "uhhhmmmm....."


aha!!! cliff hanger. I have the song Unforgiven by BOTDF stuff in my head xD oooh i wonder what she will say. oooh what i already know:P

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