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It was 3 years ago and I was about to start my first year of High school. I wasn't nervous at all. Pretty excited was the word until I had bumped into a girl crying.

I had asked her what was wrong and sat her down on a bench trying to calm her down. She hadn't said anything until she had finally decided to murmur. "I'm sorry."

"Not like you bump into beautiful girls everyday." And I earned a giggle from her.

"I'm Victoria."

"Wynter. So you wanna tell me why your crying?" She shrugs.

"Well it's nothing. My parents are demanding I move schools again." I hated parents like that. Always moving and not thinking about what the child wants.

"I think that's stupid to be honest." She laughs and wipes her eyes.

"Do you wanna skip class? Go for a walk or something?" I knew I shouldn't of but I'm a sucker for crying girls.

"Okay, sure." I nod and start walking off with Victoria. Me and Victoria had bonded, getting along pretty fast. She ended up staying for the rest of the year and that's when I met her sister. Savannah.

She was a year younger than us but boy, she was amazingly beautiful. She had platinum blond hair and memorizing blue eyes that shown like the sky. We actually became really close.

We ended up getting together and those were the best 2 years of my life. But the last year came round and that's when the incident happened. Savannah and I were hanging out in her room while Victoria was cooking. She didn't know I was here until she came up into the room and started yelling at me at how much of a traitor I am. Little did she know that she had left the stove on right next to her apron.

That's when the fire started. I had smelt it immediately but the fire kept spreading and spreading. The girls were screaming and I had to get them out. I did. I had snuck them out the window and I had gone last.

Victoria blamed me. She had cried and cried and said to get out of her life. And that's what I did. I left  and came back a year later. Victoria and Savannah gone. That's just after you met Victoria and Ruby but both of them had gone when I came back so I'm assuming they left.

"Yes. Left at the beginning of third year of highschool. Then you came." I nod my head and take her hands.

"I'm sorry. I have a shitty past."

"You shouldn't be sorry. Victoria should because she lost an amazing friend." I smile and pull her into me.

"Thank you Tami."

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