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"Mrs. Conner, thank you for coming down." Piper said shaking hands with the woman. I was still sitting on my spot but this time Milo sat next to me on a chair. The other boy, Ethan, sat down next to his mother. He had his arms crossed and he wasn't looking at our direction.

Smart move kid, I don't wanna murder you yet.

"What's this all about?" His mother said before looking at me. "And why's Demi Lovato here?" I raised an eyebrow at her.

"Mrs. Conner, your son picked on Miss Lovato's son. Quite frankly, it looks more like a beating." Piper said and Mrs. Conner looked at her son.

"Ethan, is that true?" She asked.

"No, they are lying!" Ethan crossed his arms.

"Ma'am, we have footage of the scene from our security cameras." Piper said. "Your son, Ethan, was beating up Milo with his friends."

"Why would he do such a thing?" Mrs. Conner said confused.


"Because he's not a boy! She's a girl!" Ethan shouted, pointing at Milo. Mrs. Conner looked even more confused.

"Mrs. Conner, I think it's best that Ethan sits outside." Piper said, clenching her jaw. Mrs. Conner agreed and ordered Ethan to sit outside. He did so and shut the door.

"Now, will you explain everything?" Mrs. Conner said.

"Milo identifies as a boy even though biological he is female." Piper started. "Today, during recess, your son and his two friends beat Milo up. Milo received plenty of bruises for proof. Now, the boys stole his lunch and beat him up because he was in fact a girl." Mrs. Conner nodded slowly and turned to me.

"I am so sorry, I never knew Ethan could act that way. I knew he'd get into some fights and was troublesome but I'd never thought he'd do anything like this." She said and I nodded.

"Now his punishment." Piper continued, "I think a month of detention will do." I nodded in agreement.

"That will do. I'm going to have a long talk with him at home about this." Mrs. Conner stood up and turned to me again. "I am so sorry, again."

"You're forgiven, your son is not." I said and she nodded.

"Thank you Mrs. Conner, you can take Ethan home early." Piper said and Mrs. Conner nodded before leaving. I looked over at Milo and he was biting his bottom lip.

"Oh honey." I placed him on my lap and he buried his face into my chest.

"'m not a girl." He muffled out and I nodded, stroking his hair.

"I know honey, you're not a girl." I whispered and Piper frowned at us.

"You can take him home." She said and I nodded. I got up with Milo in my arms and he looked at Piper.

"C-can Lolo come.....please." He said quietly and she looked confused.

"Lauren Cabello-Hernandez, she's my goddaughter and his best friend." I filled her in and she nodded.

"If her parents say alright then I can let her go home with you." She said and I pulled my phone out. I speed dialed Ally and she called on the third ring.

"This better be good Demetria, Camila was just going to go down on—"

"No need for the details Allyson." I blushed crimson and so did Piper. "Is it alright if I take Lauren home with Milo and I?"

"Why? Did something happen?" We heard Camila speak faintly.

"Camila get back down there now before I murder you." Ally sidetracked before getting back to us. "Yes yes take her, now bye." She hung up and I cringed at the mental image.

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