Chapter 17: Supervision

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The team

You already know how the team started treating Robin from now on. It didn't change.

Well... it kinda did. Because it got worse.


He was the maturest of them all. So he treated him the best he could.

"So... Robin", he started awkwardly, "What do you want to do?"

"Well...", Dick started suspiciously, "Since I have nothing to do now, I'll just check my weapons for the fifth time"

"Weapons?!", the young Atlantean asked shocked.

At this reaction Robin narrowed his eyes.

"Yes. Sharpen my Katanas, test my snake poison, practice my knife throwing skills, the usual!", he said with painful sarcasm.

Kaldur firstly looked shocked before he realized that he didn't meant what he said.

"I apologize"

"Apologie accepted", Robin grinned, "Let's just watch some TV"


Miss Martian

Robin had to give her 'The Talk'...

After a whole lecture of the human... well Atlantean anatomy Megan slowly began to get used to Robin again. Slowly.

The bird was mentally occupied by making new word definitions by putting just prefixes and suffixes together.

Like dis-ness-ly -
A negative description of a substantive.

"Megan!", Robin suddenly screamed like he invented electricity and turned to her with excitement.

The Martian visibly flinched.

"What?", Robin asked looking hurt already knowing what's up.

"What?", Megan repeated his words before realizing her mistake, "What did you want to say?"

The ebony just shook his head, "Doesn't matter anymore..."



Connor stared. And stared. And glared. And stared again.

He was done talking to this lower human being he told himself.

But Robin thought similar. So they mostly sat in silence at the living room's couch and stared at each other.



She was one of the worst. She just followed him step by step and continued calling him absurd names.

'Is she trying to compensate something?!'

But Robin just managed to ignore her. But not the names. They are slowly beginning to frustrate the young boy.

"Can you hand me the wrench over", Robin asked he while he inspected his bike's motor.

"Kill me, if I don't?", she asked sassily offering him the tool.

Robin ignored this remark taking it from her hands.

"Artemis, can you hand me this screw over?", he asked her but found her grinning evilly ready for another colorful word.

"Don't you dare!", Robin warned her.

She grinned even wider.

"Whatever you say, Ro'b al Ghul"

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