Disloyalty & 'Be My Girlfriend?'

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Out walk three stunning blondes. I recognise one from the videotape.

"I'm sorry you guys, but your time in the villa is now over. Please say your goodbyes."

I shoot up from my seat and rush over to Dean. He irradiates happiness, even in the worst of situations. "I'm so sorry, Dean." I shake my head. "But I had to be true to myself."

"It's ok." He nods, but he's broken. "You and Alex are meant to be. Don't let anyone get in the way of your happiness, Ella."

Waving Dean out the door is one of the hardest tasks.

Even falling asleep is hard. But I roll over to face Alex, who's sound asleep. His eyes are shut, he has a small pout on his lips, and one of his arms is roped around my waist.

I did make the right decision.

The next evening ...

Things have been all up in the air today, as Georgia lost her shit with Josh, and Dani and Ellie went on a brunch date.

Apparently, Jack has a poster of Danny Dyer above his bed ... I don't know what to think of that.

The sun is beginning to retire and settle over the sea, illuminating a mixture of orange and red tones onto the water.

I'm sat on the balcony with all of the 9 girls, and we're chatting about the affairs (and the World Cup, because why not).

The boys have been awfully busy this entire evening, rushing around and getting up to their boyish business.

"What have the boys been up to?" I ask. When I turn to look back at the girls, Samira has a subtle grin, but the others are completely blank.

My phone beeps in my jacket pocket. I pull it out, and my partner's name flashes on the screen.

"What the hell?" I whisper to myself, opening the message from Alex.

"I want to tell you how much you mean to me. Go to the place that I first met you."

My head jogs at the memory of our first day. When he was sat on 'the subs-bench', and I decided to couple with him.

"I'll be back soon, girls." I smile to myself, opening the door and walking into the dressing room.

I swing open door by door, jog down the stairs, and emerge outside. The villa is silent - God knows where the boys have disappeared to. I trundle up to the sun-bed, and Charlie's phone is there.

Alex's name flashes up again.

I move the hair from my face, and read, "When I was sat here, I saw you, and thought "Damn, she's stunning", and I was chuffed to find out that you wanted to couple with me."

I giggle at his use of the word 'chuffed'.

"Go to the place that we first coupled up."

I turn my head to look at the fire-pit, and sure enough, someone else's phone is lying there.

My head feels light and elated when I pick up the next phone and read the message aloud.

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