Chapter 32

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Kara POV •|||

So me and lena walk out of my room and she is so nervous i can feel it, we can hear the tv on and laughing coming from the living room, I take lena's hand come on love it is gonna be fine. "Hey everyone" I say smiling, they all burst out laughing, lena looks like tomato "hey le, how are you?" Alex asked as we both sat down " that's stupid question she just got laid she's over the moon" Maggie said and everyone burst out laughing including me and Lena. Lena sat up "Hey, I'm lena. I don't think we've met properly" lena said to Kiera my heart is in my mouth praying that Kiera is nice because yeah Kiera has powers but lena is a power you don't want to piss off and I know that Keira doesn't know who lena is makes it all a little harder. Everyone even Avery is looking at me with nervous eyes. I look a Kiera "Hi Im her twin Kiera but you already knew that, so who are you?" Lena smiled you could still cut the tension in the room "I'm lena as I said I'm your sisters girlfriend" " you got a cheeky rude jobless one then Kar?" Me and Alex spat out our drinks and Maggie burst out laughing along with Lena while Avery and Kiera looked confused "if anything Kara is the gold digger in this relationship" Alex said laughing "so you got mommy's and daddy's money?" " oh please, stop attempting to embarrass me because you are so far from that it's unreal" "hm okay then" "shall we put on tv and order breakfast?" "Yeah" everyone agreed, as we
Switched the news on • L-Corp under attack this morning again could this be Cadmus trying to kidnap miss Luther again•• "oh Jesus I've heard so much about miss Luther since being here like why can't they leave the successful lady to run her multi billion dollar company" lena was already walking away on her phone and smiled winking at me. "Why she so fast to run off??" Kiera said, I get that she's my sister looking out for me but she's being way to harsh on lena " that multi billionaire woman who you idolise has just walked out of this room to make sure her staff are okay" Avery and Kiera's faces dropped well there sorted, lena walked back into the room putting her phone away " what happened why the look so shocked??" " your the Luther" " did you not realise?!" "You don't look anything like you do in tv" " that's because I just woke up hungover in my girlfriends apartment" " I think I owe you an apology but it still stands hurt my twin again I'm coming for you" Lena laughed " you don't have to worry about that I love your sister you just saw the bad side of us"

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