chapter 28 : trouble

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A sudden idea popped in my head, a video I watched couple of years ago with Rosé and Jisoo unnie during our trainee days of BTS in a interview.

I remembered something Jin sunbae did when he tried waking up Jungkook. I bit down on my lip wondering if this was actually going to work.

Here goes nothing...

Placing my fingers on his chest, I slightly gulped when I felt his slow heart pace, beating softly, slowly taking my hands down, on his chest, then down to his nipples, I let out a shaky breath.

"Jungkooook!" Taehyung voice loud and clear for me to hear when I saw the door handle go down.

Due to my panic state, my finger did it's job and pinched his nipples... hard. Jungkook eyes immediately flew open, a loud groan escaping his lips as he suddenly fell backwards from his bed.

Before I could even grab onto him, he fell off the bed, his body landing on the floor with a huge thud. My eyes widened when I heard him let out a small cry.

"O my god, Jungkook!" I whisper shouted and got up from under the covers and made my way to the side of his bed and as I looked down, I let out a scream when his hand appeared out of nowhere and pulled my arm down.

A scream escaped my lips when I lost my balance,
closing my eyes, I fell right on top of him, another groan escaping his lips and mine.

I quickly rolled away and stood up, his t-shirt on me reaching my thighs again. Realisation washed over me when I realised we were officially fucked since they must've heard me.

Well done, Lisa.

"Jungkook?" Jimin said this time, concern in it.
"Open the door! Are you okay?" Jimin said, the door handle moving continuously.

"And when the hell did your scream get so high pitched?"

I froze on my spot, unsure in what to do. Jungkook rubbed his eyes, now fully aware of the situation as I heard him curse multiple time to himself.

Yes. You fucker. We're fucked.

He quickly got up and placed his finger on his lip, telling me to stop talking.

"Ne, hyung! I'm awake!" Jungkook spoke, the door handle in his room, no longer moving.
"Why the hell is the door locked?" Jimin sunbae started and I felt a small feeling start within the pit of my stomach when I couldn't hear Taehyung.

"Ya! Are you okay?" Jimin continued bombarding the bunny with questions. Jungkook pointed at a pair of sweat pants neatly folded on his night stand, directing me to wear it.

I looked at him, eyebrows raised,
"Where's my shorts and bra?" I mouthed to him but he ignored my question when he blanked out, he was thinking.

Just then he made his way to his closet, leaving me in his room. "Maknae! Open the door!" Jimin said, knocking against it.
"Otherwise, I'm gonna break the door." Jimin let out and before I could even function what's happening.

Jungkook grabbed my wrist, gently, taking me towards his closet as he let out a chuckle due to Jimin's threat.

"Your too short to even break the door." Jungkook replied, in a playful tone.

My stomach erupted with butterflies when he looked down at me, his gaze just on me, a small smile tucked on his lips as he tucked my hair behind my ears.

I looked up at him, confused at what got over this boy.

"Baby..." He whispered when he looked at me, I closed my eyes at the call, clearly showing how effective his comment is.

"Let's tell them." He said and I opened my eyes, staring right up at him, his gaze was serious. His eyes searching for an answer in mine.

Instead of answering, I nodded. A smile was brought to his lips, placing his hand on my cheeks - he quickly leaned in and pecked my cheeks. The event from the morning long forgotten.

When suddenly he pushed me into his closet,
"Well, we will tell them next time. Not today!" Jungkook said.

"Jungkook!" I let out.
A gasp escaped my lips when I landed on the layer of his clothes, his rare bunny teeth making appearance as he laughed away, shutting his closet room door and sorted out our situation with his hyungs.

And, since then, everything was different.

"Lisa!" Jisoo unnie shouted at me breaking me off my trance of flashback; when I stood up from my seat, taking the earphones that were once in my ear, right out.

I looked at Jisoo who was standing in front of me, her arm crossed, she looked pissed.


"We have to go to our seats! The girls left and here you are still in your wonderland." Jisoo scolded me and I nodded, trying my best to put away my phone.
And, when I succeeded I quickly walked with her, apologising a lot.

"Joesonghabnida." I continued throwing apologises as we entered our seating area, clearly unaware that idols have started to roam around and find their seats. I threw some aegyo hearts at her but all she did was cringe - a grin emerging on my lips.

But, before I could walk more, Jisoo unnie immediately bowed, making me turn and there stood two members of Got7, Bamdab and Jinyoung sunbae.

"Jisoo-ya, it's good to see you again." Jinyoung said to Jisoo. Jisoo, Jinyoung sunbae and Doyoung sunbae had been MC's and since there time was over, they grew closer.

Out of curiosity I looked at Bambam, who was surprisingly silent, a smirk plastered across his face as he was already staring at me.

I raised my eyebrows at him, but the idiot started grinning to himself looking behind me, when suddenly he drapes his left arm around my shoulder. Coming closer to me, he whispered something into my ear, clearly not aware what he was trying to get at.

"Jungkook is staring at you." Bambam said and at that I immediately shivered; now fully aware that Jungkook was somewhere behind me and staring at me.

The feeling made me tingle. My breath stopping...

"Let me do what am best at..." Bambam said pausing and already I wasn't liking the idea but I went with it.
"Making him jealous." And at that he pulled me into a hug, his arms around my waist.

Oh god.


So... how has everyone been?

Thank you for all the
love that this book has
been receiving. Literally,
you guys are the best of the best.

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