Texting Conversations

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Byakuya Togami

With the project due in a week, you were worried when Byakuya still hadn't texted you yet.

'Did he forget? Did he lose my number? Does he just not care about the project?'

Many more possibilities filled your head. So many that you didn't even notice that you had received a text from him at first.

But once you did...

It's Byakuya. You ready to work on our project?

You quickly responded, once you realized that you had forgotten to do so.

Yep. Sure am!

Good. Then let's get to work.

You and Byakuya then worked on the project, but soon you received a text from your mother, telling you that it was time for dinner.

Now, you tried to send her a text telling her you were busy, but accidentally sent it to Byakuya.

Not now mom! I'm trying to work on a school project with a hot guy from school!

Once you saw your mistake, your heart nearly stopped. It was too late. The message was sent.

Um... I didn't mean to say 'hot'. I meant to say 'nice'. How auto-correct can be such a pain, am I right?

For a second, Byakuya didn't respond, making you nervous.

But then, he responded.

Don't worry, I know I'm hot. You don't need to remind me.

'Uh... Did this just really happen...?!' You thought with a blushing face.

'Yep... It just did...'

Chihiro Fujisaki

It was the weekend, and you were busy practicing your instruments. That's when you received a text from Chihiro.

Hey. You busy? I have a new program I want to show you.

You felt sad, since you were busy.

Yeah, I kind've am. But feel free to explain the program over the phone.

You soon received a text from Chihiro, which had the details to his new program which would be an AI that'd be smarter than anything which he called 'Alter Ego'.

You took a break each time Chihiro sent you a new text, explaining about Alter Ego.

Wow. Alter Ego sounds amazing.

Chihiro didn't hesitate to respond.

Really? Thank you! I'd love to show it to you sometime.

Sure! I'd love that.

And you meant every word of that.

Kiyotaka Ishimaru

You weren't sure how you got into this situation, but you were now being forced to run from a student with a gun who was out for your head. I mean, all you had done was try to create peace, and now there was only more chaos.

That's when you remembered that you had Kiyotaka's number, and decided to text it.

Please hurry and get a teacher!

After sending the text, you had to continue running, but had your phone out in case you got a text.

(y/n)? Is that you?

You quickly responded.

Yes! Now please, hurry!

A few seconds later, you found yourself cornered by the student, who had the gun pulled out.

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