Louis Tomlinson Dirty Imagine

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It was your first time going to a club and you were nervous out of your mind. You had always been known as the goodie-too-shoes, and you just wanted to break that mold, even though it really stressed you out. You’re friends keep telling you that its going to be okay, you nod but you are still anxious. They pick out your outfit for you because you had no idea what to wear, and frankly the cloths they normally wore you didn’t even own. When you guys were all ready you left for the club. As you pulled up you started feeling sick, but you tried to hide it so you’re friends didn’t notice. You guys walk in together and the sight over whelms you, there are tons of people all dancing in ways you didn’t even know exsisited. You start to walk backwards out the doors, but you’re friends grabs your wrists and drag you to the dance floor. For a while they give you pointers on the dancing fashions and they let you try them out. After they are satisfied with your pretty weak dancing skills, they all disperse to go and dance with guys, and you are left alone. For a second you are confused and flustered so your first reaction is to leave the dance floor as fast as you can. Once you are out of the mass of people, you find a small table in the corner of the club and sit down, you put your hands over your eyes and think about how much of a wimp you are and how you are never going to find a boyfriend or a husband for that matter because you were afraid of everything related to boys. As you are sitting there you hear someone come and sit across from you. “Why arent you dancing?” they ask. “I cant dance” you say, “why not?”, “becasue ive never done it before, or done it like this before and im afraid” you say, still not having looked up. You hear the person chuckle and say “i can teach you if you like…im a good teacher and i would never mind spending time with someone as beautiful as you”, this coaxes you to look up, and you are surprised to see Louis Tomlinson. You knew who he was because you were a pretty big directioner, and being a directioner you knew that he had just recently broken up with Eleanor for reasons unknown. You agree and he takes your hand and leads you back to the dance floor. There he wispers in your ear direction to how to dance, these are the same exact things your friends had told you, but he just made it all make sense and slowly you were forgetting about your fear and anxiety. After about 20 min of instruction, you and him just end up dancing together… you are getting more and more comfortable with your newly learned skills and Louis senses that so he takes thing up a few notches at a time. He is now grinding with you and to your surprise, you are really enjoying yourself. He starts feeling you up, first going to your breasts then in the opposite direction, you were a little worried with this but you just thought to yourself ‘YOLO’. and you let him explore. After a while of grinding you decide its your turn to be a little adventurous and you turn around so you are dancing face to face, and you put your hands on his hips. Its almost like your and his minds were connected because he realized what you were thinking and just by looking in his eyes you could tell he was saying ‘go for it’. You move in closer to eachother and you gradually move your hands down, you werent yet in his pants but just playing with it from the outside trying to excite him which came really easy. You eventually had one hand in his pants and the other behind his neck, his hands on your hips. When you had enough you put both hands behind his neck and you guys just danced like that for a while, his hands now on your butt. When its time to leave you are honestly really sad, you turn to him and say “Thanks….that was really nice”, he looks at you, smiles and says “maybe we can do it again sometime” you smile back and say “i hope so”. When you get home your still smiling from your amazing night, and as your getting dressed in your PJ’s a piece of paper falls out of your pants, you pick it up, unfold it and it reads “Call me maybe beautiful? - Louis” your not sure if your more excited about having his number or confused about when he slipped a piece of paper in your pants. You later call him and you start talking…eventually you become great friends and an even better couple(:

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