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Your POV:
I wasn't feeling well today as I've been feeling like this all week. I woke up next to Brooklyn still in his arms from last night. My eyes stayed closed for a bit as I was awake but I opened them when Brooklyn began to speak to me. "Morning gorgeous." Brooklyn whispered into my ear, in his morning voice. "Morning babe." I said back with a small smile on my face and Brooklyn kissed the top of head. My stomach made a noise but only loud enough for me to hear it. I began to feel sick. My stomach kept on turning. "I'm not feeling too good." I said jumping out of the bed and running into the bathroom. I made it in time and was sick in the toilet. Once I finished and cleaned myself up, I sat by the toilet and stayed there as I couldn't move. I felt absolutely horrible. Tears fell down my eyes. I'm really fed up with it.

Brooklyn's POV:
I'm starting to worry about Y/N as she has been sick in the mornings over the past few weeks but this week has been the worst so far. I need to make sure that she's really alright. "Is she ok?" Rye asked as he came out of his room to see what was going on and I came out of my room. "I think she was sick again." I sighed walking towards the bathroom. The door was open a little bit so I walked in and saw Y/N was sat there on the floor by the toilet crying. I hate seeing her like this. She didn't look too good. "Baby." I said walking over to her and taking a seat were she was and wrapping my arms around her waist. She mumbled something against my chest. "What's wrong babe?" I asked softly. "I'm not feeling great again. I hate it." She mumbled a little bit louder and started crying again. "Shh. It'll be ok." I said making her relax. We sat there for a bit until I started to speak again. "You've been sick in the morning over the past 2 weeks and I'm starting to get a bit worried. Do you think we should go to the doctors?" I explained and looked down at her. "I'll be fine. It should pass soon and it's probably just a bug or something." She told me. Was it really though?

"Let's lay you down on the bed for a while so you can have some sleep." I told her. Y/N got up and we both walked towards my bed. We walked into the room and Jack was there. He gave Y/N a sorry kind of smile. She layed herself down on the bed and I took a seat next to her. "You go take a nap. If you need anything send me a message." I said kissing the top of her head as she closed her eyes. "Ok Brook." She mumbled then slowly fell asleep. Jack and I got up and left the room so she could have some piece and quiet while she slept. Before I did anything, I changed out of my bed clothes and into my normal clothes for today.

Jack and I walked into the living room where Mikey, Andy and Rye were. "Hi." I said taking a seat on the sofa next to Mikey. "Hey guys." Rye said sitting up properly. We all sat there and watched the TV. Right now all I'm feeling is, that I'm sorry for Y/N as she has to go through this and just really worried. "You alright Brook? You look a bit worried." Andy asked me as they all stared at me. "Basically Y/N has been sick in the mornings over the past 2 weeks and I'm starting to get a bit worried. I don't know what to do. Shall I call a doctor?" I explained to them as they listened. "She was sick again this morning." Rye added on which made my smile drop.

We all sat there in silence for a bit until Mikey spoke up. "Could she possibly be pregnant?" Mikey asked as it was the first thing what came out his mouth. "Umm..." I started then stopped to think. Is she pregnant? The last time we did it we used protection, I swear we did. "I don't know. Shall we get a test for her?" I suggested looking worried. "Yeah, me and Jack will go get one for you." Rye said putting his shoes on. Jack got his shoes and coat then left the house with Rye. The two of them left the house leaving me, Mikey and Andy. They carried on watching TV while I went to check up on Y/N.

About 30 minutes after Jack and Rye left, Y/N woke up and she was looking so much better than she did this morning. She had a lot more colour in her face then she did before. The front door opened then closed. Rye came in with the box and handed it to me which made Y/N look at me with confusion. "Babe. I think it's best if you try this?" I told her showing the box. Y/N nodded her head and took it out of my hands to look at it properly. She stood up and walked out of the room not saying a word. "Tell me when you're done." I told her as she walked to the bathroom. Now we just wait.

Your POV:
Rye handed Brooklyn a pregnancy test which made me so confused. I'm not pregnant I swear. I took it out of his hands and looked at it properly before doing anything. Brooklyn stared and me then I took it with me into the bathroom not saying a word when I left the room. I did what I needed to do for it as it said it on the box and all I had to do was wait for the results. "Brooklyn?" I said quietly but loud enough for him to hear when I opened the door a bit. "Yes babe?" He said walking quickly down the hall and into the bathroom with me. We sat on the floor against the wall together. Brook took my hand and intertwined his fingers with mine. "If you are pregnant I'm here to support you and so are the others." He said looking me in the eyes and being serious. Even if I was I didn't want him to get angry and walk off. "Thank you." I mumbled as he pulled me into his chest. The timer on my phone went off so it was time to look. 

Brooklyn helped me up and we both stood up with. I took the test from the side and stared at it for a while as my back was turned so he couldn't see. "And?" Brook asked. I took a deep breath before I spoke out. "I'm pregnant." I said turning around so he could see the happy tears falling down my face. "Oh my days. I'm going to be a dad." Brooklyn said all excited. A smile plastered onto my face. I'm so happy. We hugged then he pulled me in for a kiss. "Let's go tell the others as they'll be waiting to hear the news." He said taking my hand and leading me to the living room.

As we entered they all looked up at us. "I'm pregnant." I said showing them the test. "No way. Congratulations." Rye said standing up pulling me in for a hug. They all stood up and cheered for the two of us.

A/n: hope you don't mind me writing these types of imagines. This book is coming to an end soon but I'll tell you when it is. Thank you. Vote and comment. Requests are open if you want one.


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