New Heroes (Ten)

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A/N: Alright, so this is actually very different from my usual imagines, and I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out, but I got SUPER invested while writing.  Thanks @-BTaeS- for requesting this!  Enjoy this superhero/villain AU!  


You pulled on your gloves and checked your reflection in your shield one last time.  You had taken the time to curl your hair today and wear a little makeup, but the makeup wouldn't matter because your eyes were covered by your mask anyways.

Being one of the biggest villains in history wasn't an easy job.  You had to keep planning heists and keep causing trouble, whether you liked it or not.  But only one thing kept motivating you to keep doing your job.

You blasted out of your house...literally.  Funny enough, you hated flying, in like planes and stuff.  But flying using your powers was a different story.  It made you feel free, and you liked the feeling of the wind blowing through your hair.  

Today, you planned on spray-painting the trees in the local park bizarre colors.  It wasn't that bad of an act, but hey, you were running out of ideas.  All those crazy things like stealing the world's largest diamond and stuff... you'd already done that years ago.  It was hard staying creative.  

You began your work, shaking the park up as you flew threw, your spray cans doing their wicked job.  You continued spray painting, even trying to make the trees look aesthetic until you felt a force ram into you, sending you tumbling backwards a few feet.  

You smiled even though it hurt.  Because your motivation had finally arrived.  You looked at Ten through your mask, giving him only a glimpse of your eyes.  

"Y/N, we meet again," Ten smirked.  "You don't ever get tired of screwing things up, do you?"

He continued dissing you, but you couldn't focus because of how hot he was.  His blonde hair was messily styled, and his lips were always curled up in one corner, sporting that charismatic smirk of his when he caught you.  Your heart started to pound faster than when you had flipped the Eiffel Tower upside down.  His cape billowed heroically around him.  There was no doubt about it.  Ten was the greatest superhero out there.  But you were his nemesis.  He would never love you.

He slowly flew towards you until you were backed up against one of your spray-painted trees.  "Looks like you have nowhere to run this time," he winked, and just when he was about to reach for you, you dodged and flew at top speed somewhere.  That somewhere happened to be the police station, and one of the officers dropped his coffee and grabbed your wrist to keep you from running away.

"Wow, we've finally caught you," the policeman laughed.  "Your great reign in villainy has come to an end."  

You used all your strength to try and free yourself, but now there were five police holding you down.  Suddenly, the radios of one of the cops beeped, and the cop answered.

"Ten has been captured by another really strong villain.  Her name is Discord.  I think we need backup!" the voice through the radio screamed.

Your eyes widened.  You knew who this other villain was.  Ten was no match for Discord.  You looked at the police with pleading eyes.  "Please.  If you let me go, I can save him.  Ten won't stand a chance against her."

The police looked at each other before continuing to hold you down, and you stopped struggling, going limp.  "I personally know this villain.  She's someone not even ten Tens could handle.  Please.  I'll let you take me away after I defeat her.  Just please let me save Ten."

The Chief Officer thought for a second before nodding at you.  You took off running before leaping into the air and flying as fast as you possibly could.  You heard the fight before you saw it.  You flew even faster, pushing your limit until you arrived at the scene.  Discord was holding Ten up by his neck.  Her black cloak was in perfect condition while Ten's cape was torn and ragged.  He looked completely drained of energy. 

Discord was about to slam Ten into the ground, but you tackled her, saving him.  Discord opened up her palms, green flames dancing in them.  "Oh, Y/N, have you come to join the fun?  You always know what I say.  Being bad is so much more fun than being good."  

"But being bad is wrong," you answered back, firing your own flames at her.  She dodged the first one, but the second one took her by surprise, hitting her square in the chest.  

Ten watched from the ground, trying to gather up his strength to help you, but he was badly injured.  Every time Discord attacked, you defended by firing back your own flames.  One of your flames hit her again, sending her spiraling backwards.  She started to slowly disappear, but before she did completely, she fired one last flame, and you fell out of the sky, clutching your arm in pain.  You managed to slow your fall, but you landed painfully on your side.  Ten inched over to you, taking off your mask, and when he saw your face, he breathed in sharply.

You were beautiful.  Ten helped you up, and the police arrived, forcing you down again.  "Remember what you promised?  You said you were just going to save Ten and then come with us."  The police tugged on your injured arm, and you yelped in pain. 

"Leave her alone."  Ten's arms were around you.  "Y/N saved my life.  You can't lock her up."  He faced you.  "Why did you save me?"

The pain was starting to overtake your body, and you felt yourself collapsing in his arms.  "Because I love you.  I wanted to get your attention.  I wanted you to notice me.  I'm sorry."  You blacked out, and when you woke up, you were on a neatly made bed.  

"You're awake?" Ten asked, moving to the edge of the bed, sitting down.  "This is my house.  I've given you some medicine to feel better.  Does your arm still hurt?"

"A little."

Ten moved closer until he was sitting beside you.  He was  holding a piece of paper and a pen in his shaking hands.  "I was wondering... if maybe you wanted to quit being a villain and join me.  I think we'd make a great superhero duo."

"I think so too," you smiled, and Ten leaned forward, connecting his lips to yours.  You felt all the pain leave your body, and all you could feel were his lips moving softly against yours.  

"We're the new heroes," he said as you signed the contract.


I actually used to write a lot of fiction/fantasy stuff like this before writing fanfiction on Wattpad lol.  Maybe one day, I'll start posting those here too :)

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