Summer Camp (Jaemin)

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You were actually pretty nervous to be working this summer.  Usually, you did shifts at an ice cream shop, but this year, your mom had signed you up to work as a camp counselor at your old camp- Camp N-City.  It was a great camp... you remember creating amazing memories there.  Especially that one boy... nah, you'd never see him again.  That was years ago. 

Your mom dropped you off at the place where you'd be staying for a month in the middle of the woods, away from the comfort of your fluffy bed and wi-fi.

You walked to the Main Hall where you would meet the other counselors and receive instructions.  Inside, you only saw one familiar face.  "Yeri!" you grinned and ran towards her.  "Wow, I didn't even think I'd run into you again!"

Yeri and you used to be best friends for the month you'd spend at the summer camp.  But since both of you had been so young, neither of you had cell phones and weren't able to keep in touch.  She was a year older than you, since you were an '00 liner, but you still got along like sisters.

The director gave you all the instructions, and you were relieved to find out you were sharing a cabin with Yeri.  But unfortunately, you were only roommates.  You would be another partner for the camp activities tonight at the campfire.  And then tomorrow, the campers would arrive.  Suddenly, you felt a little more excited.

You decided to change into denim shorts and wore the camp t-shirt, making sure to spray yourself with tons of bug spray since mosquito bites were the worst.  The campfire had always been your favorite part of camp when you were younger, but this year, you were a counselor.  

Wonder who's my partner you thought while locking the door after you and Yeri had stepped out.  The fire was already ready by the time you got to the site.  Marshmallows, graham crackers, and bars of chocolate had been set out so that you could make s'mores.  The director rattled off the partners, and you dropped your marshmallow in disbelief when you heard who you'd be paired with.

"Na Jaemin?" you asked the director again, and you looked around, searching for his face.  Then he stood up, having been on the other side of the fire pit, the flames hiding his face.

"It's been a while," Jaemin said, sticking out his hand for you to shake.  He had gotten taller, and his hair wasn't black anymore.  It had been dyed light brown, and if you had thought he was handsome before, then there were no words to describe him now.  

"Jaemin, I haven't seen you in at least three years," you grinned.  "I never imagined I would run into you again... especially here."

Jaemin laughed.  "Well, I-"

The director cut him off by ordering all the counselors to go back to their cabins and prepare for tomorrow since all the campers would be coming in.  But now, you felt much more at ease knowing that Jaemin would be by your side, leading the activities.

The next morning, you made sure to wear a little makeup to elevate your look.  Your hair was pulled back in a loose braid, and your camp t-shirt was tucked neatly into your shorts.  When you got to the main hall, Jaemin was already waiting for you.  He looked even better than when you saw him last night, probably because you could actually see his features this time.

The group of campers you would be supervising were really funny, so you knew you would all get along well.  In fact, that one month passed by so fast, you were really sad by the time the last day rolled around.  You and Jaemin had created so many memories together.  There was the rock climbing incident where you almost fell, and he caught you.  And then there was the fishing story where the fish leaped out of the water and slapped your partner right across the face!  That definitely took the award for funniest story at the campfire.  

Tonight, you and Jaemin planned to go out on the lake in a canoe and look at the stars.  You had always wanted to do that when you were younger, but only the counselors could take out the boats.  The sky was clear, which meant it would be perfect for stargazing.

Jaemin and you worked together to paddle out to the middle of the lake.  And when you got there, you realized the hard work had definitely been worth it.  The night sky glittered like diamonds.  You pulled out your phone to snap a picture, and then took a couple selfies with Jaemin.

"You know, I never thought I would see you again either," he admitted.  "That's why I kept coming back to camp every summer to work as a counselor.  I kept hoping that I would run into you."

You were speechless.  Jaemin had kept working just to hold on to the idea that he might run into you again?  You leaned forward and kissed his cheek.  "Let's do this every summer," you decided.

And the two of you let silence take over as you stared at the endless night sky.  


A/N: Thank you @han_jisungie for requesting a Jaemin imagine.  I've always wanted to go to a summer camp like this in the woods, but I'm no good without wi-fi hahahahaha.  Have any of you gone camping or like being in nature?

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