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Hola amigos!!
Im so sorey for not updating lately...I've been searching for a lots of smuts so I could find insparation!!! Im rlly sorry again!

Anyway! Today we have Jamilton (one of my fave ships!!! UwU)

And its historical~
Enjoy you lil sinnamon rolls💜


Thomas P.O.V

"Hey turn over, bend over, I SHOW YOU WHERE MY SHOE FITS!!" smol gremlin, secretary of Treasury, known as Alexander Hamilton said to me, yelling.

I blushed, not knowing how to react.

"ExCuSe mE!?" George Washington, president, yelled.
He sighed and walked to us. "Jefferson, Madison take a walk! Hamilton take a walk!!!" Washington yelled madly "We'll reconvene after brief recess..!" He sighed as he turned to mad gremlin.

"Hamilton!" He started as smol gremlin glared at Madison and me. "Sir...?" He looked at Washington innconetely. "A. Word..." Washington walked to door as smol gremlin started to follow him.

But James was quick as he stopped him. "You dont have the votes.." he simply stated grinning, as gremlin glared at him.
"You dint have the votes~" I singed as I chuckeld at him. He glared more.

"Such a blunder..." I started talking at his small figure as I lift his chin "makes me wonder why I even bring a thunder~" he blushed as he glared at me, letting his chin go, as I walk with James. "Why he even brings the thunder ..~" James sing as angry gremlin went to catch up with Washington.


I saw Hamilton walking into his office.
I should maybe...make him mine.
I mean-
Washington already went home...James is at his place.
I should help him with files, as the secretary of State.

I smirked as I slip in his office. Whaoh..

I look around as I hear angry mumble.

"What.the.fuck.are.you.doing.here?" I turn around as I see, smol angry gremlin, glaring at me.

I smirked
"Well..ya know, I came here...to entertain myself" I repiled happily.

He glared "well your in wrong place. Does my office look like a fucking luna park???" He asked me raising his eyebrow. I laughed. Honestly he looks so cute.

I took his collar and pushed him, to me as I kissed him roughly.

Alexander Hamilton P.O.V

Fucking Thomas Jeffershit kissed me. Roughly. I tried to push him away but he only tighten his grip.

He finnaly let go. All I could do was, pant and glare at him.

"What the fuck are you doing!?" I asked him, growling and glaring. Th..this is wrong..Im married to Eliza and we have 2 children...I..I cant betray her! Even tho I had affair with John..

"Listen here..." Thomas said mocking me, as he pulled me closer, pushing his knee toward my manhood as yelp.
"If you let me have you...maybe i shoukd help you with you Debt Plan.." he said looking down at me lustfully.

He suddenly pinned against wall, roughly sucking on my neck.

My mind (MY MIIND IS TELLING MEH NOOOOO BUT MY BODY- MY BODY IS TELING MEH YEEEEEEEESSSSS ok im sorry bye lol) was telling me to push him away. But then he find my spot, on which I moaned, my knees falling for him.

I was kneeled in front of him.
He unbuckeld his pants as his cock sprung free. I stared at it, as my erection grow. He smirked.

"What? Will you suck me or jus stare...my amigo is lonely.." he said as he began to bump himself.

Nobody needs to know.

I slowly began to suck him, as he bucks his hips. He moans as he grabs fistfull of my hair. He began harshly fuck my mouth. I gagged for a bit. Soon he release in my mouth.

I was about to spit but he looks at me
"Swallow it.." he said at me lustfully.

I spit half of cumm. Disgusting.

He glared at me yanking my hair.
" I said: Swallow it..are you deaf or something you slut?" He asked grabing my throat. I gasp as some of cumm comes in me.

I choke as he lets go of me, worried
"Alex you alright? Was I too harsh?" He looked at me as he patted on my back.

H..he has soft side?

I never knew that my enemy does..

I nod as I look at him.
Fuck..Im so sorry Eliza..

I spread my legs.
"Fuck me daddy" I looked at him as he blushed but then he smirked.

"On your knees baby girl..against wall" he said as he stood up. I nod as i strip my pants.

I get on my knees as I put my hands against wall for support.

I gasp as I felt his tongue, cricling around my asshole. I arch my back as I moan.

He suck on my asshole before spanking me.
He slips his finger inside of me as I shudder.

His other hands was playing with my nipoles as it went down to my cortch.

I moaned a bit louder as he whispered sweet nothings into my ear.

I shiver a bit as he squezzed his fingers inside of me.

I cry out of pleasure as he attacks my sweet spot on my neck.

I..im so overtaken...what time is it?

Eliza is probably asleep. Im so sorry my beloved wife.

I got lost of my thought as Jeffershit pulled finger away.

"Are you ready Alex?" He whisper to me sweetly.

I nod as he pushes inside me. I moan. I..it didnt hurt..John took my virginity.

He begans to pound into me. As I cry like slut while I jerk off.

He smirks as he bites my flesh making hickey.

"T..thomas what about my wife?" I moaned.

"She doesnt need to know right?" He smirked as he began fuck me mercilessly.

I shook my head as no. I tremble as he continues. I large amount of sweat was covering mine and Jeffershit flesh as we panted.

He soon released into me.

I moan as I came after him.
He smirked while he pulled away.

I frowned sadly at sudden emptyness. He buckles his pants and he walks to door.

"Till later...bye Hamilton!" He walk out and closes door behind him.

I look at him, as i try to get up shaking.

That son of a bitch-

I quickly put my pants back on. Already tired from amount of acitivity I did not long ago.

Lord forgive me..I wanted to do something that is gonna outlive me...!

The end

Wow 1086 words ! (For 1st time lmao)

Sorry guys this one took pretty long to write!
I had writer block.

And thid includes my laziness..

Anyways im working on Thaurens (Thomas Jefferson x John Laurens)

And its gon be pretty long...but I think I still can do smuts for other chapters lmao.

Myb Im gonna try to do Marliza or Meggy!!

I love that ships!! Aaaaa!!

See ya and thanks for reading this shit!


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