Chapter Fourteen

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"Captain Kita," called the shuttle pilot.

Kita stuck her head into the cockpit. "Yeah?"

"We're receiving a transmission from the Djinn ship, they say they don't have any docking bays open for us and their flex tube collars aren't compatible with our ring."

"Transfer the message to the back," said Kita as she moved back into the passenger compartment. She waited for the communication panel message light to blink. When it did, she hit the answer button. A Djinn, not Kakafar, appeared.

"Why can't I get a docking bay?" Kita demanded of the Djinn before he had a chance to open his mouth.

"They're full."

"So, make room."

"I'm under orders to tell you to return to your ship, and a shuttle will be sent over to pick up Sahara."

"No way," said Kita. "I'm the one in charge, not Kakafar." Kita stuck her head into the cockpit doorway. "Pilot, find an airlock." She returned to the panel. "I assume you're tracking us?"

The Djinn bared his fangs. "Of course."

"Good. Then I suggest you open the airlock my pilot finds. Otherwise we'll rip it open."

The Djinn chuckled. "You haven't the equipment."

Kita held up her fist, and it burst into flame. "On the contrary, I have everything I need."

"Found one, Captain," reported the pilot.

"Good. Move us within a few yards. We're sealing you in. Prepare to decompress the passenger compartment."

Once the cockpit door was sealed, the side door to the passage compartment opened. Across from them was a rectangular airlock door.

"All right, ladies. Let's knock," said Kita to the other Angels. She led the way, jumping from the shuttle, across open space, and landing against the ship's hull. One by one, the Angels made the leap.

Kita moved around to a hinge, melted through it, and moved to the second.

"Ok, everyone grab hold and lift," said Kita to the other Angels after she melted through the second hinge. "One, two, three!"

The Angels pulled. The door slid out of its frame, and the Angels tossed it into space. Kita jumped down the hole, rotating her body to orient herself with the ship. She came to rest in front of the inner door. She banged on it sharply.

"I don't think they're going to be able to open the inner door without decompressing the ship," said Valentine.

"Whatever," said Kita. "The point has been made. We'll just transform into clouds and pass through. Denver, I'm going to pass you everything I know about Tet ship computer design and engineering. I want you to try and get in and see what you can get into."

"Sure thing."

Kita transformed into her cloud and moved over Defiance. The other Angels transformed into their clouds and followed Kita through the door.

The airlock area was small and lined with pressure suits. A Djinn officer and a trio of guards waited dressed in similar pressure suits, but with armor. Behind them, the door to the rest of the ship was closed.

"At least they're not that stupid," said Baby Doll as she transformed into her Angelic form along with the other Angels.

"Neptune's rings, I'm not supposed to feel cold," said Defiance after Kita released her. "I want my coat, jacket, and boots, Kita."

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