Chapter 17- Hot Lips

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I'm so sorry I haven't updated in over a week. I've been on holiday and trying to catch up with homework and exams. I'm stressed and exhausted and I think I'm about to overdose on medication, whoop. 

Friday morning at 1:56am

After much deliberation, Chris and I mutually decide to leave our 'relationship reveal' until we return from our trip. Chris was frustratingly calm about the whole thing, claiming that it was no big deal and that I was 'overreacting'.

I do not overreact, thank you very much.

Okay, so maybe he's correct. But it's important, right? What if they don't like it? What if they have their own opinions? What if they think that Chris is too good for me?

I really want to tell Scarlett about my turmoil, but I don't trust she'll be able to keep her bloody mouth shut. I can't imagine Robert ever sitting down and having a heart to heart with me.

I feel so frustrated and anxious.

Chris can sense it.

"Calm down," he sighs, nuzzling his nose in my hair. I skitter away from him and bury my head into my knees, not at all expecting him to be behind me.

"I thought you were still asleep," I whisper, wiping furiously at my wet eyes. "Are you okay?"

"I'm just worried about you," Chris replies, gently sitting beside me on the windowsill. There is much more space here now, because Chris pushed our beds together into the center of the wall. "I don't understand why you're so nervous about this, babe. It's not a big deal."

Then why does my heart hurt?

Why do I feel like I'm about to puke all over the carpet?

Why do I want to wrap myself around my boyfriend and never move ever again?

Because that seems like a big deal to me.

Instead of voicing this, I just shrug and sigh dramatically.

I'm just a stupid child; what does Chris see in me?

"Come to bed?" Chris asks softly, his eyebrows rising in hope. I'm finding it harder and harder to deny him anything now. He just means so much to me. "You'll feel better tomorrow, I promise. We'll visit your family; have a whale of a time and come back home. We won't make a big deal of telling them, alright?"

"Okay," I whisper, smiling softly at him. I allow him to take my hand, reveling in the comfortable warmth and comfort he provides for me. "Thank you, Chris."

"Don't mention it, Tommy," he grins with a sleepy eye rub. He looks so adorable, it makes me groan.

His long, blonde hair sticks up at odd angles near his shoulders and his hot lips are parted in exhaustion. I lean forward and place mine upon them. I didn't intend for it to escalate any further than that but, suddenly, I'm perched upon his waist. We're both panting uncontrollably, uncaring of the poor directors trying to sleep next door. I know I don't want to rush anything, but my brain is trapped in an endless recording of more, I want more. My hands stray underneath his shirt to stroke his toned stomach and treasure trail. Not enough. I want more.

Chris seems to be enjoying it, judging by the content moaning and the rutting of his hips. I smile into our kiss and groan as he bites my lip.

But suddenly, I'm not on top of him anymore. My brain initially struggles to process it, probably because of the lack of oxygen, but Chris is on top of me, his beautiful body stretched across mine, biting and sucking at the spot just below my collar bone. He knows it turns me to jelly.

"Oh, wow," I sigh, hooking my arms around his shoulders, digging my nails into his back. I want his shirt off.

He seems to understand my thoughts, because he pauses just long enough to pull it over his head. The delicious rippling of his muscles and pectorals makes me salivate, literally. Yes, yes, yes.

He's starts to kiss me again, on the lips this time, hard. His torso is hot and sexy as fuck. He leans away again to strip me of my own shirt before kissing down my neck, across my chest and ribs until he reaches my pants. He glances up at me and I suck in a liter of sweaty air. But he doesn't continue. He just places a tender kiss, much different to the last ones, on my hip bone and slithers back up my tense body. He grins at me with that torturous mouth before pressing one last gentle kiss to my lips, and rolling away from me completely.

I glare at the ceiling in shock, the bulge in my pants painfully obvious. Did he just... stop? I glare at his back and scoff. He did! Is he... snoring? Oh my God! That mischievous little-,

He bursts out laughing, absurdly loud and I cringe.

"I can just imagine your face," he splutters, flipping round to face me again. His handsome face is still flushed from our activity just a few seconds ago. I see that he also has a raging hard on, but he seems to be dealing with it much better than me. "Aw, baby!" he chuckles again, clutching his stomach and crying happy tears. I glower at him.

"Why did you stop?" I grumble, shifting uncomfortably. Despite my anger at him, his adorable giggling and constant shifting doesn't do my sensitive problem any favors."You big tease!"

"As much as I was enjoying that, Tommy, I don't think its time just yet," he sniffs and becomes suddenly serious. "I mean it. It's been a stressful week and I think we should wait."



I mean... he's totally right.

But it still feels like a punch in the solar plexus. Several minutes of awkwardness passes by until I finally speak up.

"Okay," I whisper. "Yeah, totally."

Chris frowns at my resigned voice and strokes my hair. After that bout of UN-excitement, I'm as soft as butter.

"I'm sorry," Chris offers timidly and I shake my head.

"Don't be. You're right. I'm glad you had some sense because I sure didn't," I giggle. Chris snorts.

"It took a lot of restraint, trust me." he smirks at me with a cheeky glint in his eyes and my stomach tingles. Nope, not now Tommy!

"Sweet dreams, my love," he yawns after a while. I nod and bury my head into the crook of his elbow.

He smells like sweets and something distinctly exotic and masculine.

Like Australia.

With thoughts of the Jungle, I drift into an uneasy sleep.

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