Chapter 3.3: Andrew

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In the waiting room on Tuesday, Andrew couldn't even look at Ryan

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In the waiting room on Tuesday, Andrew couldn't even look at Ryan. God. He'd been such a dick.

The silence between them stretched out over long minutes. Andrew couldn't help but glance over, and when he made unexpected eye contact, he looked back down at the knees curled up to his chest.

Well, that wasn't going to make anything less awkward. He was pretty sure Ryan was never going to try to make conversation with him again. He'd been so rude. Maybe he should try smiling. Yes. That might work.

He looked over at Ryan and tried to make his face move into a friendly, approachable expression. He was probably grimacing more than anything, and of course the second he made this realization, Ryan glanced over. Andrew returned to observing his knees. Looked back over at Ryan, whose brow had furrowed as he looked up at the clock.

Maybe a funny face would be better, since Andrew had apparently forgotten how to smile. He crossed his eyes and stuck out his lower jaw so that his bottom teeth protruded over his top lip. This time when Ryan looked, the big guy's expression took on a distinctly confused tint.

Okay. New plan.

Andrew hunched up his shoulders and made an angry face. "Guess who I am."

Ryan stared at him, the brow furrow returning.

"Hello, Ryan. I'm ready for you."

Immediately Andrew scratched his eyebrow and shoved his hand into his lap, looking anywhere but at Dr. Burns.

Ryan stood and followed the doctor into the office. Andrew peeked up once Dr. Burns was gone from view. Made eye contact with Ryan.

The corner of Ryan's mouth quirked up in a smile just before he disappeared through the door.

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