Chapter 1

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From the precise moment her beautiful ice blue slip or touches the top step of the grand staircase, the entire ballroom goes quiet and still. Everyone looks at her as she begins to walk down the staircase, her eyes locating the one man she loves more than anything else in the world.

She ignores the looks of hatred, of fear, and of envy as she continues to walk down the stairs. She is no longer bothered by this, for she knows that everything that is spoken of her is not true. They are all lies. However, since no one wants to get to know her, nor take the time to love her, The wall of ice around her heart is put around her heart, and is placed in her eyes and face. At least, for the public.

But in actuality, her heart is not cold. She is not evil, unless if someone is mean or does something wrong to her or the person she loves. She is not heartless, as everyone thinks she is. She is beautiful, yes, and very powerful. She is very much respected and her kingdom, and feared. No one tries to cross her, for if they do, an icy wrath awaits them.

Her name is Julia, and she is the queen of ice and snow. She is 21 years old, and one of the most beautiful women in the world. Her hair shimmers a dazzling platinum blonde. Her skin is porcelain white. Her lips are a brilliant vibrant pink. And her eyes are her most alluring feature. They sparkle like blue diamonds. They are the clearest blue eyes anyone has ever seen. They can both draw a person in, and kill them with one glance. 

And her power? That is something not to be underestimated. One moment, she can create beautiful snowflakes and icicle artwork. The next minute, she can freeze someone into a block of ice for their wrongdoing. She has her power from birth, her parents the king and queen of ice. She has an older brother, Christian, the ice king. He, of course, does not preside in the same kingdom that Julia does. He is 24, and is still in search of a wife.

Julia is much more lucky, four, unlike Christian, who is, in fact, very cold and heartless, she has found herself a beautiful young man.

His name is Simon, and he is the dark king. He is tall, a few inches taller than Julia herself, with black hair, porcelain skin, and deep blue eyes. His heart, before meeting Julia, has been dark and cold. But, upon meeting the young ice queen two years prior, his heart has changed for the better. His power is dark energy. One minute he can produce a beautiful bouquet of black and dark blue roses, save for the ice blue roses he creates only for Julia. The next minute he can kill with a Single drop of poison to whoever has done him wrong or has harmed the ones he loves. He is the same age as Julia, 21, and has an older sister, Victoria, who is the same age as Christian, 24.

Her eyes scanning the crowd, Julia immediately notices Simon standing at the far corner of the ballroom, waiting for her. He is wearing a royal uniform of dark blue velvet. Contrasts very well to gown of ice blue Silk that she is wearing.

The two of them make their way to one another, and immediately embrace. With no hesitation, not even caring that the entire ballroom is watching them, exchange a kiss as well.

Simon. I am so glad you were able to come tonight, my beautiful love. I have missed you.

Julia smile's. Do you honestly believe that I would miss this ball? I am so glad to be here. Because I have missed you, my darling. She strokes her gloved hand across his cheek, producing small snowflake and placing it on to his nose.

Simon smile sweetly before producing a beautiful ice blue rose and placing it into her bun. Well, I do not believe it is possible for you to miss anymore, my beloved, for I have missed you so much more. He kisses her again.

Julia giggles. Do you believe that is possible for you to miss anymore? Because I have missed you 1 million times more, my treasure.

Simon chuckles before taking her out onto the dance floor. I believe it is possible for us to miss one another equally, my dear.

And with that, the musicians begin to play a dazzling waltz.

Simon and Julia begin the dance, everyone's eyes on them. But neither one of them care, for they only have eyes for each other. They dance across the ballroom dance floor, their eyes locked with a magneticgaze. As they dance, they kiss sweetly, not caring if anyone is watching.

Three hours later...

Julia and Simon make their escape at midnight, waving through the crowd and going out into the courtyard of Simon's palace.  They sit down at a beautiful dark blue water fountain is shooting up purple and blue water.

Simmons palace is somewhat similar to Julia's, the only difference is the color. Simon's palace is dark blue with purple edging, while Julie has is ice blue with silver edging. Each palace has a rose garden, courtyard with the water fountain, and several radiant sculptures. However, their kingdoms do not collide very easily. They are in fear of one another.

Julia. Do you think our siblings will fall in love with each other as well? I do believe that wood bridge the gap between our kingdoms.

Simon. I'm not sure, love. All I hope for our siblings is that they do find love, even if it is not with one another. He wraps his arms around her, pulling her against him. But I believe that you and I are madly in love. And that is all that matters.

Julia rest her head against Simmons shoulder. You are very right, my darling. Our love is powerful, much more so than any heat between our  kingdoms.

Simon. Of course.

They kiss once again before rising to their feet and walking into the moonlight.

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