A Day at the Fair

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Jay had taken me on a date to the local fair and was currently attempting to win me this giant stuffed elephant.

The point of the game was to throw a softball into this giant milk jug. He tried for about 20 minutes straight not making one shot.

He groaned in frustration and stormed over to a nearby bench and sat down with his arms crossed and his pink lips in an adorable pout.

"Come on, Jay. Stop being so childish."

"I'm not being childish!" he said with a grunt.

"Fine. If you're going to be a big baby about it then I'll stoop to your level."

He glanced at me with a questioning look.

"I'll bet you a raspberry shake that I can win that elephant within five shots." I challenged.

"Alright. You're on." Jay said with a smug grin on his face.

I walked over and Jay paid for five softballs.

Picking up the first ball, I held it close to my chest, calculating how far I had to throw it and thinking of how I should throw it.

I took a few steps back then underhanded the ball into the milk jug.

The large ball rolled around the rim at the top of the can and then rolled off onto the dirty floor of the park.

Hearing Jay stifle his laugh behind his hand gave me a wave of determination to make it into this jug.

I kept trying underhand throws, slightly tweaking it every time to see if I could get any closer to winning the prize and the bet but ended up with the same result as the first round three more times.

This was it. My last ball. Giving up on the underhand method, I decide to try an overhand shot like in a free throw.

Jay and I both watch as the ball goes straight into the milk jug without even touching the edges.

I start squealing and turn around to laugh in Jay's face which is in a state of pure shock.

I walk up to him and kiss his nose, leaning towards his ear and whisper, "I won. You owe me a shake."

After retrieving my stuffed elephant that was literally the same size as an actual baby elephant, just more round, I turned back to Jay and walked past him waiting for him to follow.


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