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The Famoux

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Hi! You're about to read the first story I ever came up with. I've been planning and writing this story and these characters since I was about ten years old. Today (July 20) I am seventeen, and I have decided it would be the perfect time to show you this.

The Famoux was originally a chic-lit novel I dubbed Tiffany Box. I wrote and completed a full, painstakingly lame first draft in middle school. It wasn't until seventh grade, in the middle of writing, that I started planning a new story. Thanks to all the futuristic novels I was reading, I felt drawn to a dystopian terrain. Keeping all my characters intact, I packed their fictional bags and moved them into an entirely new world (with entirely new rules). There was always an underlying essence of celebrities and secrets in the original Tiffany Box, so I kept that intact while planning the new storyline. I entitled this new idea The Famous, until one time when I was texting my sister the title, and accidentally hit the x button. I decided The FamouX was, like, 8000 times cooler a title, and eventually it stuck.

I hope you enjoy the story that's been in my head for more than seven years.

Okay. Onward.

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