Chapter III

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When he appeared in the Underworld, he met with Thanatos and Hecate, quickly asking them to make the Underworld presentable for his bride. He left his home and made his way to Olympus, to ask for permission to wed Persephone. As soon as he stepped into the hallowed halls, he met his brother Zeus. Shocked, Zeus sat back in his throne and boomed,

"Welcome, Brother! It has been long since I have seen you. I have worried that you hidden yourself in the Underworld for too long!"

Indeed, Zeus had seen how withdrawn his brother had become since he had taken over the rule of the Underworld and had worried over him many nights, quite unusual for the selfish King of the Gods. Hades nodded and said,

"Yes. It has been far too long, brother."

Zeus smiled at him, and said,

"Sit brother! We shall share some ambrosia and relax for a bit!"

Hades nodded, unsmiling and took a seat. He shook his head at an attendant, who brought fresh ambrosia to him and said,

"I wish to discuss something of great importance to me, Zeus."

Intrigued, Zeus nodded for him to continue.

"I wish to discuss my marriage."

Stunned, Zeus stared at his brother for a moment. He had wanted to discuss the same thing, but thought he would have to force the discussion on his stubborn older sibling. He nodded, jovially, and said,

"Of course, brother. I have seen loneliness in you over the years. Who have you chosen as a bride?"

Expecting him to choose one of the Olympian goddesses who usually threw themselves at Hades, like Artemis, who thought he was the most handsome of them all, or Athena, who thought he was the most intelligent and well-learnt of the Gods, his smile faltered as Hades said,



Zeus sputtered. Hades nodded.

"Yes. I would like your permission to take Persephone as my bride."

Zeus stared at him, his mind swirling with thoughts. He remembered the look on his brother's face when his daughter had been born. He had never seen such a look On Hades' face, but had shaken it off, taking it to be the adoration they all shared for the young Goddess. Pondering the situation, he said,

"You have my permission, as long as she is willing, brother. I doubt very much you shall get the permission of her mother, however. She does not share the affection I have for you."

Hades nodded.

"Persephone has already agreed."

Shocked, Zeus leaned forward, his hand propping his chin.

"Do tell..."

He could have sworn he saw a faint blush rise from Hades' neck, but this was probably a trick of the light. His elder brother would not let such a young chit affect him so.

"I asked her, this night, if she was willing to have my hand, and she agreed. She said she has been awaiting my proposal for a while."

Zeus' eyes widened and he said,

"Well. Then, it shall be done. You may wed her, Hades."

Hades nodded and turned to leave.


Zeus called out. Hades turned to face him once more.

"Do not tell Demeter before you are wed. She will have no choice to accept it after. But if you tell her before, she will lock Persephone away."

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