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"I don't...I don't want you to leave either." You swallowed a mouthful of saliva to loosen the knot in your throat, however to no avail.

You unrolled the wire Kamski had given you as Connor moved to look at you over his shoulder with an emotion you couldn't identify.

"Hold still for a bit. This might feel slightly uncomfortable." You tried to change the subject to keep the tears from falling. First Brennan, now Connor...what else was the world going to take from you?

The Android nodded and returned his head in its initial position, face facing away from you. You plugged the cable into a port inside his skull, then plugged the other end inside the RK900's future memory drive.

"I will need you to select your knowledge regarding combat and your decryption feature, and copy them onto this memory drive. Do you understand, Connor?"

"Yes, assistant."

"Good. I-I will prepare your packaging while you do that."

You gave him the memory drive while you walked to the other side of the room, where you pulled out the box Connor had arrived in. It seemed intact for the most part, so you decided to use that one. After that, you searched for the nearest crate and opened it. The interior was soft, containing elastic foam molded specifically after Connor's body. Only a werk ago, you had considered it to be the perfect method to prevent damaging an Android worth a small fortune, but now-now it was the small prison you were supposed to force Connor into, to ship him off to a God-forgotten land, just to die.

"Are you...A-Are you done, Connor?"

"Just a minute, assistant."

He was taking too long. Not that you minded spending a little more time with him before he left, but shipping him off with potential errors was the last thing you wanted to do. You could at least try to ensure his survival and make sure everything functioned properly.

"Let me see."

Connor clenched the memory drive in his fist, his LED flashing yellow, blue, yellow, blue every few seconds. He was downloading far more than Kamski had requested.

"No, please. I...I cherish these moments spent with you. I don't want to lose them, not again. Not like last time." Connor pleaded, backing away from you, keeping the memory drive close to his chest as his LED continued flashing yellow and blue. "Please."

He was right.

You weren't-You refused to let the world take anything else from you. When it came to Brennan, you hadn't gotten a chance to fight for him, to protect him. But with Connor, you could. And you were going to.

His LED stopped flashing as you gazed back at him, settling to the calm blue you knew too well. "There, I'm finished. I...downloaded everything I felt was important."

"You won't need it. We're running away."

Connor's LED immediately flooded with red. "We can't do that. I will not put you in danger for my sake. You might lose your job, you could get arrested, you- Where would we even go?"

"Canada. We'll find someone that can get us fake passports and we'll cross the border. We'll start a new life there."

But what about Elijah? What was going to happen to him? You couldn't just leave him behind.

Lost in your thoughts, you abruptly stopped talking.

"You're worried about him, aren't you? Kamski." Connor spoke carefully. "You consider him a brother figure, is that it?"

"I-I do, yeah. He was Brennan's best friend, after all."

"He is collaborating with the Germans."

As if the stress from knowing Connor was going to leave wasn't enough, this sentence surely took the cake.

"He is...he is what now?" You answered, hands trembling. No, that couldn't be right. He couldn't just- Kamski would never-

And that's when you finally realized. You realized that your entire relationship with Kamski was based on the death of a person. He had no interest in you, other than keeping his promise to his best friend. Kamski didn't see any sort of family in you-you were just another problem he had been assigned to fix.

"You would not believe how many things you can find out about a person if you go through their personal belongings." Connor added with a tinge of eerie irony.

Everything Elijah had done up until that very moment was fake. Nothing more than what was necessary to keep his promise to Brennan.

"Are you...sure?"

"I found letters in German and translated them. It seems Elijah believes that his creations would have a better chance of growing in Germany, rather than in America. The Nazis have offered to mass-produce Androids and use them in all possible fields, such as medicine, labor work, teaching...almost everything. That would make Kamski rich, so it's obvious he accepted. Just compare it to what the American government does-they only use us as military forces."

"And the memory drive...? Why..."

"He had downloaded blueprints for Androids in my memory and used me to deliver them, if you will. All the Nazis had to do was damage me enough to make sure I couldn't escape, take my memory drive, and then send me back to Kamski to get another batch. The safest and easiest method one could think of. I was almost impressed myself when I found out."

Your blood felt like it was on the verge of boiling. Kamski, in spite of being fully aware of all the horrible things the Nazis had caused, and knowing that it was them that killed Brennan, had the guts to cooperate with the enemy. To sell himself and his entire nation to the Axis!

Cowardly, disgusting, opportunistic-You couldn't even begin to list all the things you would call him if you could.

"Get in the box. I will be here at exactly midnight to get you out, and we'll sneak out and leave. I'll get us bus tickets." You spoke sternly.

"Good. And (Y/n)?"


"Keep the spare memory drive with you. Just in case."

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