28. The Music Festival part 2: the Date

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~~~The second day of the festival~~~
~~~Y/n's point of view~~~
       Today you woke up at my usual time at 5:00 AM and sat in your window. You listened to music and thought about the day ahead. Today was your date at the music festival with Damian. You couldn't wait. Damian had been complaining that Mb/n had managed to get his number and was calling or texting him every day. How did she even get his number? You continued to think about how your date might go until you decided to get ready. It was still pretty early to head to the festival, but you and Damian were going to look around town as well. You showered, brushed and dried your hair and brushed your teeth. You sprayed yourself with a little perfume and got changed into what you wanted to wear.

 You sprayed yourself with a little perfume and got changed into what you wanted to wear

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After getting dressed you braided and curled your hair. You were finishing your hair when someone knocked at your door. You opened it a crack to see Tim.
       "Good morning Tim," you smiled at him before opening your door wider.
       "Morning Y/n," Tim greeted you.
       "Did you want to ask me something?" You asked after a minute of awkward silence.
       "Dick wanted to know if you wanted to go to the beach with him, Jason, Damian and me next week when the festival is done," he rubbed the back of his neck.
       "Um okay," you answered. "Why couldn't Dick have asked me himself?"
       "I honestly don't know, I think he and Jason voted on who would ask you while I wasn't there."
       You laughed a little, "Okay, I'll come."
       "Great, you should bring sunscreen, a towel, maybe a chair, some water, and a swimsuit." He told you.
       "Thanks, Tim, but I won't be swimming, I never swim when we go to the beach together," you smiled.
       "Oh, why? Can you not swim?" He asked.
       "Oh, I can swim I just don't like wearing swimsuits." You responded walking out of your room and closing the door behind you.
       "Is it the same reason you don't like wearing short dresses or shorts? I haven't seen you wear those either." Tim started walking downstairs and you followed him.
       "Yeah," you said walking next to him.
       "Why don't you like to wear stuff like that? Is it because they show your legs?" He asked.
       "Mhmm," you responded.
       "What's wrong with showing your legs?" Tim asked one more time.
       You didn't feel like answering the question but you knew that he would bring it up until you finally gave him an answer. "Tim," you sighed before quietly telling him, "I have scars on my legs. I don't like to look at them."
       "Are they from fights or—?" Tim didn't finish his sentence, he didn't need to. The whole family knew about your abuse from the Riddler and your father.
       "Abuse," you whispered. "The scars are just reminders of how I couldn't fight back. I wasn't strong enough to stop the Riddler or my father's drunken wrath, so I don't like to look at them or show them off with shorts or short skirts."
       "Y/n," Tim hugged you, "you don't need to be insecure about your scars, everyone in the family has them. Even if you couldn't stop them by yourself, you are safe with us now. You don't have to worry about them anymore. You are strong and you can get even stronger. Just don't let them or anything they did stop you."
       "I'll think about swimming," you told him, "no guarantee that I will, but I'll think about it."
       "Great," Tim smiled as you two walked into the kitchen. Jason, Dick, and Damian were at the table and Alfred was washing dishes.
       "Good morning everyone," you smiled at them.
       "Good morning Miss Y/n," Alfred told you before finishing the dishes and walking out of the room.
       "Hey Tim, what was her answer?" Jason asked.
       "I said yes to the beach trip," you told him before Tim could say anything.
       "Cool. Are you going to swim this time?" Dick asked.
       "Maybe," you smiled.
       "Are you sure?" Damian asked. He knew that you didn't like swimsuits because of your scars. You nodded.
       "Why are you so interested in whether or not I swim?" You turned back to Jason and Dick.
       "Um," they hummed.
       "They made a bet," Damian told you while smirking at his brothers.
       "Little D," Dick complained.
       "Demon Spawn!" Jason yelled.
       "You thought that my best friend and boyfriend would hide something like that from me," you laughed with a small smirk. "Anyways Damian we should go."
       "Yeah okay," He agreed getting up.
       "Where are you two going?" Jason asked.
       "The music festival," you answered.
       "Why?" He asked again.
       "A date," Damian smirked at him before you two left.
       You two decided to take the zeta tubes to Metropolis and walk around before going to the festival. You and Damian went to a cafe for brunch and looked in some shops.
       Around lunchtime, you both headed to the festival grounds. You stopped at a booth selling flower crowns causing Damian to walk over and look as well.

 You stopped at a booth selling flower crowns causing Damian to walk over and look as well

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Damian placed a wreath of pink roses, white daisies, and white baby's breath on your head. Roses symbolize love and baby's breath symbolizes everlasting and undying love. You found a simple daisy crown and placed it on Damian's head despite his complaints and reluctance. Daisies symbolize innocence and purity and convey loyal love and cheerfulness. You smiled at your boyfriend's annoyed but happy face as you paid the man running the stand and continued walking. There were many stands at the festival, selling different things. You looked at all the different stands as you and Damian walked towards the stage set up for the festival.

~~~Damian's point of view~~~
       "Are you having fun?" I asked.
       "I always have fun with you Cinnabon," Y/n smiled as we walked, holding hands.
       "Good," I smiled pulling her closer.
       We reached the field in front of the stage and someone was playing the guitar and singing. "I'm going to get us some snacks," I told Y/n who nodded and I walked towards a stand selling kettle corn.

~~~Your point of view~~~
       After Damian was gone a group of guys walked up to you. They started with lame pick up lines. "I have a boyfriend, leave me alone," you told them and tried to walk away. One grabbed your hand.
       "Awe we just want to get to know you," one smiled at you creepily. These men were way too old for you.
       "Yeah well, I don't want to get to know you. Leave me alone." you pulled your hand away, but it was grasped by a man behind you. These men weren't drunk, they didn't smell like any drugs. They must either be very persistent or work for someone.
       "Ooh, someone's playing hard to get." Another man showed his crooked teeth and grabbed your other wrist. You stomped on one of their feet with your heel, making the man howl, but it also made him angry. You struggled against the men, kicking them, and some of them let go, but others took their places.
       "Let her go," Damian shouted at them, making people turn to see what was happening.
       One of the men turned to Damian, "What are you going to do about it?" He sneered.
       "Let her go!" another man yelled above you.
       "It's Superman!" The man yelled. "Let's get out of here."
       "Not so fast," Superman grabbed the men, ready to bring them to the police for harassment.
       "Thank you," you smiled at him. "It was good to see you again Superman. Except this time I'm not the one you're after."
       His eyes widened before he said, "You're welcome." Damian nodded at him and ran over to you, pulling you closer. Superman flew off.
       "Maybe we should head back," you suggested as you and Damian began walking back towards the zeta tubes.
       "Yeah, sorry I wasn't there," Damian apologized and gripped your hand tighter.
       "It's fine Damian." You told him. "No one could have guessed that would happen."
       "I'm crazy about you Y/n. If something happened to you I would be broken." Damian hugged you as you stopped next to the zeta tube entrance.
       "Same here," you hugged him back. You stayed like that for a couple of minutes before turning and walking into the zeta tube.

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