31. Family

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❝ family ❞

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THE first date, it was their first sincere date and one of the best moments they spent with each other. Both of them were food lovers, so their date turned into an eating competition.

Jihae leaned back, rubbing her stomach. "I'm full," she said, making the one across the table celebrate his victory. "I WON." Jungkook clapped his hands happily and pulled out his tongue, teasing his wife.

"Now you'll pay for this." he took the last bite of his food and teased her again.

"Fine." Jihae stomped her foot and stood up. "Let's go." She walked away and Jungkook followed her.

In front of the counter, Jihae hesitantly gave her card and Jungkook continued teasing her by making weird faces. With a pout on her face, she walked out and her husband followed her.

She walked ahead while he followed her from behind. "Buy me an ice cream," he said after he caught up with her. "No." She immediately shook her head and walked to the parking lot.

Inside the car, she waited for her husband to bring her ice cream because she knew it well that he will definitely bring. But he came back with only one ice cream. "Where's mine?" she asked, glaring at him.

"Go and buy yourself." He shrugged his shoulders and took a small bite of it. "Okay," she said in low voice.

Again, a pout formed on her lips and she walked out, slamming the door behind her. "Go and find another wife." She gave him a death glare and walked out of the place.

Jihae walked through the sidewalks while Jungkook followed her in his car. "I'M SORRY. GET INSIDE," he shouted and continued giving honks. She suddenly paused when she noticed a familiar person and walked towards her.

Nervously, she called her. "MOM." The woman turned around. Jihae ran to her and hugged her but she didn't hug her stepdaughter back. "I missed you," Jihae said and awkwardly broke the hug.

Her stepmother ignored her presence and walked inside the house, slamming the door on her face. "I'm sorry." Jungkook suddenly hugged her from behind, making her stumble.

"M-Mom." She pointed at the closed door and a tear rolled down her cheek while Jungkook broke the hug. "What?" he asked in confusion.

The door slowly opened and Mrs. Yoon peeked outside only to see the couple still standing in front of her door. But this time, she didn't close the door instead, she opened it wide and walked inside.

A slight smile formed across her step daughter's face. Jihae walked in, followed by her husband.

The house was small, and inside it was kinda dark until the woman turned on the lights. Jungkook bowed at his mother in law and she bowed back at him. She cleaned the dusty couch and asked them to sit there.

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