Bulls In The Bronx [Fan Fiction] Project - By RainPierce        

                        I'm Low On Gas, and You Need a Jacket:

Kellin had his back to me, hands on his face. And here I was, covering my chest. Yeah, if I were a fan girl I would be all up on Kellin. Something weird to say, honestly. But as I mentioned before, I am not one of those fan girls. But shit, I knew I was way beyond hype that these two people were talking to me. And only a few inches away from me. But hey, Kellin has a wife, and I knew to keep my hands off where they don't belong.

But damn, it was so awkward right now.

I looked and saw the Fiji water bottle Vic had handed me, and since my mouth felt dry I decided to take it and open it, and take a sip. I was thirsty.... I'm sorry.... Whoa, not that way. You perverts.

"I'm back! Sorry if I took ... too long," Vic replied and handed me a black shirt that had some design on it. Hard to explain, but all you need to know is that it was a shirt. I smiled at Vic, who in fact had his eyes tightly closed, what a gentlemen. I found it kind of amusing since he managed to walk to where I was without bumping, or tripping onto something. "Thanks Vic," I say and he nodded in response. I take it and he turns around, covering his eyes with his hands.

I took off my shirt and when I was about to put Vic's shirt on... well, we were interrupted.

"HEY GUYS, GUESS—" Soon I recognized who it was... Jaime Preciado, bassist of Pierce the Veil, had entered the bus.

Holy shit, are you fucking kidding me!?

I yelled in fright, trying to cover myself, but Vic had took a step in front of me, covering me.

"Dude.. its not what it looks like I swear." Kellin said, defensive.

Oh my god.

I soon realized Jaime was wearing some sort of party hat, and his smile soon became a frown. His eyes tried to look behind Vic but couldn't.

Well this was awkward and weird...

"It's not what it seems Jaime, just step out...please?" Vic replied with the most calmest tone.

Jaime nodded and eyed the bunk area and laughed, then stepped out.

I laughed a little, "Oh Kellin..." I put the shirt on quickly and Vic took a step away. He smiled, "That shirt does look big on you," and chuckled, "But it looks good on you, I admit that."

I chuckled, "I guess I'm too thin,"

He nods then pauses, "Not being a creep but, how old are you?" I stood up and looked around and back at him, "I'm 21," Once I said this, his eyes widened.

"21?" Kellin got out the bunk and walked towards us.

I nod uneasily, "Yeah..." I mean I wasn't lying, I was truly 21 years old. I turned 21 last week.

Vic gulps, "Well you look younger."

"Probably eighteen looking," Kellin said.

"Thanks," I said and chuckled.

"Well lets head out, see what Jaime's pumped up about." Vic replied. I nodded and took the Fiji water bottle and headed out the bus with the guys.

I soon saw Jaime dancing, holding a red plastic cup, with Jesse, guitar player for Sleeping With Sirens.Yup, not even kidding. My eyes weren't lying to me, and trust me I checked more than once if I were to be dreaming. But I was sure as positive that I was awake. And I swear this was... type... funny ... "You dance like a girl, lemme show you the real moves, ese," Vic said and headed towards them. I laughed and looked at Kellin besides me.

"Are they like this everyday?" I ask.

He shrugs then nods, "Yeah,"

"Not even complaining though, they are the shit." He adds.

I laugh and drink more of my Fiji water.

"Jaime! Why were you so pumpy pump about?"

"Nothing!" He replied.

I now saw that the rest of the PTV guys were dancing with the SWS guys. Oh dear god.

And yea, that is when it got crazy.

"Its Walmart, bitch!" Jesse said.

"Bitch, I love forever 21!" Kellin butted in.

"Dudes, chill down.. Let's not start a fight.." Vic said in a weird accent. 

"YO IMMA PUT THIS dildo UP YO ASS!" Jaime said.

Everyone got quiet and we just stared at him.

"Jaime, are you... gay?" I replied, hiding a laugh.

He then looked at me, "Ohhh... so you're daring me?" He replies in a weird accent.

I swear to—AH!

Jaime had thrown me over his shoulder, and I cried for help.

"HELP! HELP!" I try to wiggle out of his grip but he then started to run around. And yes we earned weird looks along the way. Just because I'm short and have no fighting skills doesn't mean... God I should shut up.


Jaime laughed, "Lame come back, but it ain't working on me,"

I then got out of his grip and tried to run back to the guys. But then Jame caught me.

"Ain't escaping the wrath of Jaime Preciado!" He said in a tough booming voice—like a person announcing a superhero.

"Imma send Batman to beat your ass," I replied, at the thought of superheroes.

He gasped, "But batman's my friend...he would do that to me..." Puppy eyes.

I then stuttered, "Then superman,"

He then put me on his back and ran around like a maniac.

After a few minutes Jaime was tired and hey, I try my best to make Jaime believe I was heavy by trying to clung on his back tightly and trying to push him down. But sadly it didn't work and turns out he's a fat ass and wanted a burger.

"I'm hungry," He said tiredly.

I laughed and saw next to Mike and Tony.

"Then go get some food from the tents before they pack up," Mike said.

"I'll be right back," Jaime then literally ran.


I literally laughed my ass off. People were looking at him like, 'What the fuck'.

"Jesus, she's red as a tomato." Mike laughed.

"Oh shit, just breathe, breathe," Tony said.

"That's what she said," Gabe winked, who's from SWS.

Everyone laughed and I just started to choke.

"Oh shit, she's starting to choke.." Kellin said and patted my back.

"On the beef!" Gabe said in a low voice.

A few minutes I was breathing normally.

"I mean you should know about it, right Gabe?" I asked, hiding a smirk, but he nodded only for I to stare at him in disbelief.

Soon we started hearing commotion, and it only took one moment to register the scene. My jaw nearly dropped to the floor, but Vic held my jaw back in place before drool escaped my lips. In front of me, there was Ronnie Radke with Jaime. So many awesome people, I believe I was going to have a heart attack at a young age that jesus, I was not ready.

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