Chapter 15

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2 months had passed since Dean had disowned Castiel. Dean, since he had no memories of Cas, felt nothing. Cas on the other hand, had fallen into terrible depression.

He rarely left his house, for instinct would have taken him to the lake or ocean and he couldn't handle that kind of pain. He rarely ate. He just didn't care to. He never talked to anyone. Not even Gabriel. He began cutting. It was easier to have to deal with physical pain right then, than have to deal with emotional pain all day. Every day he would just sit on his bed and look at a small pearl and green scale that sat in a cup of water on his nightstand.

One day, Cas left his room to use the bath room when Gabriel stopped him. "Castiel..."

"I don't care Gabriel." He shoved pass Gabe, but Gabe grabs him by the sleeve, slaps him, grabs his collar and pins Cas against the wall.

"Goddammit! Stop moping! I get that you're sad! But if you would have gone to the beach or lake for just 10 fucking minuets, you would have realized what some nature freaks are doing." He lets go of Cas. "I'm sorry. But you're being a dumbass. Some nature freaks are doing this thing, to see if they can get different fish populations or something, so that small stream that leads from the lake to the ocean. Well, they are clearing some trees, gonna use those to build some houses, and then they are also digging that stream big and deep enough for fish, AND mermaids, to swim through it."

Cas stood there for a minuet processing what Gabe had said. "You mean.... Dean can swim freely between the lake and ocean?"

"Ya," Gabe smiled while looking down. "And so can Sam. They finished digging a few days ago, and yesterday when I went to the lake, I saw Sam there. We talked all day."

Cas smirked at Gabriel. "You like him, don't you?"

Gabe snapped his head up and frowned at Cas. "This isnt about me or Sam. This is about you and Dean. Sam said he can tell that Dean seems different. He said Dean had always been cocky, arrogant, and sayings he doesn't need anybody. But now he's acting even more like a loner. Sam thinks it has to to deal with the lost memories of love."

"It's doesn't matter. Dean said I have to get over him. That he would never let himself fall for lowly human. He said those exact words. So I'm not gonna go see him." Cas stormed off to his room and slammed the door shut.

*later that night*

Dean slowly climbed over the rocks surrounding his pool. He stared up at the full moon. It shone bright and reflected off the water. He could see the weird string humans tied up, so people wouldn't walk on the beach cause turtles were laying their eggs. He smiled and dove over his rocks and started swimming to shore.

He got to shore and watched as all the hundreds of turtles laid their eggs. He helped some turtles who got flipped over when climbing over others. As he sat back and looked around, he saw a turtle heading down the channel that lead to the lake. He swam over, and moved the turtle closer to the main beach.

As he was watched the turtle crawl away, he felt something familiar about the channel. He went back to the channel and could feel something, besides the slow current, pulling him down the channel. A single name echoed in his head...

* * *

Cas tried lifting his window without it squeaking. He didn't need to wake up any of his family. He got it up, climbed out, and stared at the moon above him. 'I'm just going to see the channel.' Castiel told himself as he grabbed his bike, and started pedaling.

It took a bit longer than his car, but he didn't want to wake his entire street up. When Cas finally reached the lake, he leaned his bike against a tree and went to the dock. He sat on the edge, pulled out his phone and started playing 'I can't help falling in love with you' by Elvis. He then pulls out a small a perfect pearl, and a green scale. He holds them in his hand. He just sits with his feet hanging off the edge of the dock, and quietly singing along. What he doesn't know, is that some one lurks below.

* * *

Dean grabbed on to one of the posts that the dock was built on. Images flashed through his head. Laying on a beach. Something warm and bright near by. This song playing as Dean held hands with a black haired, blue eyed human. Turning on his side, and pulling close til they almost kiss. A loud voice and being gone before Dean himself can register what almost happened. Dean snaps back when he hears the quiet plop! of a pearl and green scale dropping into water. He dives for them as everything else comes back.

* * *

Cas brings his hand back to his lap as he watches the scale and pearl disappear forever. He closes his eyes and tilts his head up. Before he realizes it, a large, wet form jumps up from the lake, lands on Cas, and pins him to the dock. "What the fuck!" A laugh Cas thought he would never hear again comes from the form.

A pair of wet lips meets his. Cas kisses back and runs his now free hands through Dean's hair. He kisses Dean passionately, and Dean does just as well. "Dean..." Cas whispers in Dean's ear.

"Cas...." Dean whispers back. he kisses Cas's neck. Cas tilts his head up and bites his lip. His waist naturally lifts up. Dean stops kisses as he feels Cas start bucking and something poking him. Dean pushes himself up and gives Cas a weird look. "What are you doing?" Dean looks at Cas then down at the bulge in Cas's shorts

Cas looks at his bulge, then Dean's confused face and starts laughing. Once he finally regains the ability to speak, he smiles at Dean, who is laying beside Cas. "I'll explain that later, right now I'm just glad you remember." He rolls over and lays his head on Dean's chest, and Dean wraps his arm around Cas's shoulder.

"I love you Dean."

"I love you Castiel."

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