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Pen Your Pride

Heya guys here's the next chapter, Really hope you like it, Leave me your feedback. 

Zayn's Pov:

Morning slowly came and I felt even more worse for leaving Niall. I texted him a total of 10 times last night and called him around 30 times, But I got no reply. I slowly raised myself from Josh's bed and quietly crept to Niall's room, He wasn't there his bed looked like it hadn't even been slept in. Worry began to take over me. Where was he? I walked back into the bedroom grabbing my phone from my jeans, I unlocked it to see I had no calls or texts from Niall. Either something happened or he was royally pissed at me, Either way I was really worried. I walked into the bathroom and then I dialed Niall's number before bringing the phone to my ear. 

"Niall listen, I understand if your pissed off at me. To be honest I wouldn't blame you if you was, I shouldn't have left you there, And I'm sorry, But you haven't contacted me, Your bed hasn't been slept in and I'm really worried about you, So please just call me and let me know your ok, I love you" I said leaving a message before hanging up, I then slowly walked into the living room to find Josh sitting on the couch with Harry, tears were streaming down both there faces, Fear began to wash over me, My breathing stopped, My heart stopped beating, Blood stopped running through my veins. 

"Josh?" I whispered, Josh looked up at me before quickly rushing over throwing his arms around me in the process. I hugged him back trying to find my voice. "What's happened?" I asked. 

"I-I-it's Ni" Josh cried out, I felt a lump begin to form in my throat.

"What happened to him?" I asked, Josh never replied so I looked to Harry.

"He got attacked, I don't know who by, I'm guessing it was a drunken attack" Harry said. 

"Where is he?" I asked. 

"I took him to mine last night when I found him, But when I woke up this morning he was gone, I thought he would have come here but clearly not" Harry mumbled. 

"Look after Josh" I said before pulling away from him and grabbing my trainers.

"Where are you going?" Josh asked. 

"To find Niall, If he's hurt he wouldn't have gone far" I replied while chucking on my jacket. 

"I'll come with you" Josh mumbled. 

"No! Someone has to stay here incase he shows up. Besides he won't want to be crowded" I replied, Josh nodded before gently kissing me, I smiled weakly before grabbing my phone and keys and heading out the door, Once outside I inhaled the fresh air allowing it to fill up my lungs, Tears began to stream down my face. There was only one place I thought Niall would go to and that was my place, I just hope to God I'm right. 

"Niall! Niall are you here? Please say you are" I shouted after closing my front door behind me. I rushed into my sitting room finding Niall's jacket sitting there, I exhaled grateful to know Niall was here, I then ran straight into my bedroom finding the blonde beauty laying on my bed in one of my shirts. "Niall" I cried out, Niall raised his head from the pillow smiling slightly, He got up as fast as he could and rushed straight into my waiting arms, I held him as if my life depended on it. 

"Niall I'm so sorry. I should have never left you" I cried out, Niall didn't reply he only hugged me tighter. "Why didn't you call me Niall? I would have come for you straight away" I said, Again I got no reply. "Niall please speak to me" I pleaded while pulling Niall's head up so he was looking at me, I then noticed the cut on his lip, And slit in his eyebrow, He had a slash on his cheek and one just under his ear. No words could express the anger that ran through my body. Pure venom rushed through my veins, I could have fucking stopped that! I should have fucking stopped it! I fucking love this boy and I can't even protect him! "Niall please say something, Yell at me, Cry, just please do something" I exclaimed.

"Just hold me" Niall whispered gripping a hold of me tighter, I sighed grateful to hear his voice again, I then pulled my jacket off before laying down on the bed, Niall laid his head on my chest seconds later gripping a hold of my body.

"I'm sorry" I whispered. 

"What for?" Niall mumbled back. 

"I should have been there, I should have protected you. I love you for God sake and I couldn't even protect you from this! What kind of man does that make me?!" I said holding Niall tighter. 

"Zayn you didn't know this was going to happen" Niall replied. 


"Look Zi, Bad things happen and there's nothing we can do about it. This is just one of them. Whoever it was they beat me for being gay. It's low life wastes of air if you ask me, If I wasn't gay I wouldn't be here with you now, I know the circumstances aren't the best, But if this is what I get for being with you then it's a small price to pay. The fact is I don't mind all this as long as your there after it's all done to kiss it better" Niall explained.

"I love you Niall" I said meaning every word I spoke. 

"I love you too Zayn". He replied, Niall fell asleep shortly after and I untangled myself from his body grabbing my phone before quickly texting Josh. 

'I found Niall he needs some time alone so I'm staying in this cheap motel with him for the night, get some sleep hes safe with me, love you x'

I sighed before sending the text. I didn't want to do this to Josh. I didn't want to hurt him, But once I looked back and saw Niall sleeping like an angel, That's when I knew I couldn't let him go. I'm happy with him and from this day on I promise to protect him from any harm. I put my phone back in my jacket pocket before climbing back into bed beside Niall, I wrapped my arms around him again before placing a gentle kiss to his shoulder blade. 

"Nobody's ever touching you again, Not with me around, I swear to you Niall. I'm always here and I don't regret a minute of this and I never will, I love you Niall" I whispered before closing my eyes holding on tightly to Niall. We fell asleep together in eachothers arms. It was wrong we both knew this but, Nothing has ever felt more right to me. 

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