Chapter 6 - Sundial of Reincarnation

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"What happened awhile ago in the corridor?" Da Qing changes the subject, "why did your 'revealing mirror' activate an alarm?"

"Something was tailing us," Zhao says, "but it ran away as soon as it was identified, probably meant no harm."

"Not the killer?"

"How could it be? You think I can't even tell the difference between new ghosts and evil phantoms?" Zhao carries Guo's body around the corridors, "besides, you saw the hand print next to the corpse didn't you? That hand was definitely not human... damn, this dude is heavy, I'm gonna put him down somewhere."

Zhao throws Guo down by the corner of a wall.

Chief Zhao stares intently at the troublesome trainee, probably wanting to just leave him here to die. After a while, though, Zhao kneels down and takes out a small bottle, and pours some substance around Guo. He then bites his finger, and wipes a drop of blood on Guo's forehead.

The blood instantly dissolves into his skin, and the pale trainee seems to be looking healthier afterwards.

Zhao lightly slaps across Guo's brain, "a useless piece of work, such an annoyance."

"Enough of that, Yunlan, look at your watch."

Zhao looks down, and his revealing watch has turned red again. Da Qing lets out a screeching meow, and behind the two stands an elderly figure dressed in a dark shroud.

The old figure turns backwards; it seems to be leading them somewhere.

"A new ghost?" Da Qing rushes forward, "it must be out of its mind... hey, why are you walking around during the day?"

"Shut it, don't you see she's mute? And don't you realise she is still alive? She is walking on two feet! Have you lost your cat mind, fatty?"

Round an abrupt corner, the old woman is gone. A staircase that leads to the roof greets the two.

Da Qing sneezes, "I smell grudge."

Zhao picks up the cat, "it's not the Professor, but the old lady who led us here; let's go up."

A guy and a cat carefully mount the stairs, which feel squishy and alive, grabbing viciously at whoever dares invade their territory; but they seem to be scared of Zhao.

"The government has a suicide count for every school, as long as the number stays within the maximum, nobody would investigate," Zhao says, "but Dragon City University has exceeded the limit for the past three years, and this building seems to be the only one tall enough for a surely lethal fall. Not to mention the maze-like interior structure, must have trapped quite a few nasty things in here; their grudge would accumulate over time."

They're at the top of the stairs, but the door to the roof is closed, weak light shines through the crack. Zhao takes out an access card and opens the rusty iron door.

Zhao holds the lighter, and steadily heads for the roof.

From the roof top of the eighteenth floor, one can get a full view of the lush Dragon City University campus and the hustling and bustling city centre.

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