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The edges of her lips had began to ache a bit from how wide the smiles she had on her face

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The edges of her lips had began to ache a bit from how wide the smiles she had on her face. This was the ritual every time she was supposed to this, smile, say one or two motivational thing to each and every person who would be available at the book signing and add more smiles to her face.

One thing was for sure, the smiles she had were by no means from the bottom of her heart mostly because she was used to the entire process of people in search of happiness in the form of words. It was a bit pathetic really, but she had to keep on writing, which was her perfect way of escaping from reality.

She handed over the book to the last person from her queue in the bookstore. It was modestly large, with shelves of books which ranged from children to adult books, fiction and nonfiction. The crème colored walls of the hall found a way to put the most stressed person at ease whenever they walked in and the slow jazz music the store thought was appropriate made the skin tingle and rest.

"Your book has helped me a lot, Miss Lilian. It got me my fiance, and he means the world to me now. Your book made me realize that happy endings truly exists especially when we work hard for it. I am so grateful for you and how well you make your characters feel so real. Thank you so much," the petite young looking lady in a yellow and red polka dot dress with a thick brown shining weavon on her head hugged the book tight as she talked. Lillian smiled wider from opposite the table where she sat.

"No, thank you for picking up my hand work in the first place, without you I would not be able to earn money and have motivation to write more," Lilian replied her genuinely, instantly standing up to hug the young lady.

"You're so humble," the lady laughed as she welcomed the hug before she proceeded to leave, her face brightly lit.

"You're so humble?" A short plump light skinned lady walked up to the front of the table with a brow raised at her. Her attire was that of green and black flowery Ankara made into a trouser and jacket top. At the far end of the store were two men on simple black T shirt and jean.

"Ire, don't start." She chuckled as she gathered her things so they could all proceed to leave. She became tired and weak and couldn't stop her hands from running to her afro as she sighed.

"Start what? As your manager I have to indicate when someone praises you . . . overly," The woman gestured to the two men to come to where they were. Lilian was in no mood to talk smack with her manager, but Ire would not take any of that mood thing, as she called it. She felt her brain about to explode as some memories - the memories that kept popping up for some time, popped. Instead of the words of the praises of the young lady to give her joy, they tormented her.

"Lily?" Ire's voice startled her but she calmed immediately remembering where she was.

"Come let's go," she ordered her, immediately understanding what had began to happen. Lilian nodded, handling over her things to the men. They made sure to wave goodbye to the staffs at the store as they ventured out of it.

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