•Chapter One•

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•Third person's POV•

Agent 3 has a mision to defeat DJ octavio and he was an his way to his mission while he was walking through the dark hallway. He was alerted yet he heard laughing sounds until an enemy hijacked him by chance, now there was a glowing goo stuff on his left eye, minutes later Agent 3 was now hypnotized by the goo so he was now working for the enemy because of the goo (Im not good at english okay...)

Captain Cuttlefish didnt get some information on the progress on the mission yet he was worried and he might have figured that Agent 3 is hijacked by an enemy so he called Marina and Pearl then he told some reminders to the two just in case he saw some inkling or an octoling who was skilled yet trusted enough to save Agent 3 and defeat fhe enemies.

~The Next Day~

•Yuki's POV•

I was walking around Inktopolis because I was done with my groceries, I head to my peaceful room unit. Yet I was planning on joining to a Turf War so I get ready and headed there, while I was walking to a short cut yet I heard a voice so I followed it. When I felt hands on my other hand because I was pulled down to a man hole, I landed safetly to the bottom and it was quite dark.

I saw Captain Cuttlefish as I tilted my head slightly as he said "Im sorry for all of the sudden yet this is important" as he said while he explained the rest to me (sorry for that) after that I understood as he gaved me black clothes yet he told me to change on where he could not see me as I sighed soflty. After that I was done yet my belly was revealing as well the half of my v-line but Im okay with it, it was a bit tight and it shows how my body stucture is and I chose a octobrush as my weapon.

After that I was done with my way on my first mission until I reached to batteling Agent 3 for my 1st main mission for Captain Cuttlefish. I panted as I got to my check pain and I felt the elevator like battle area goes up and I stayed alerted, I looked around while holding my weapon and after a minute I saw Agent 3 and I get ready then my state changes to like serious state.

~Time skip of the battle~

I was panting a bit heavily and I looked at Agent 3 who was also tired as he sat down and I was infront of him, he pulled me and I was now close to him "Im sorry" as I whispered soflty. I splat him with the ink to weaken him more and he turn into his squid form and I carried him, I take him back to the train and I started to patch him up a bit sinc I go rough a bit on him as he also did it to me as well. I mumbled as I wiped my sweat and Agent 3 turn back to his3y
inkling form and I lay his head on my lap, I got a message from Marina and Pearl that I should took a break after continueing the mission as I hummed softly and let Agent 3 rest andnI slowly doze off.

•Ryu's POV•

I was resting on a soft thing yet I heard faint humming, it was gentle and soft that make me take time to rest. I panted while I was unconscious yet I woke up suddenly and I was sweating a bit then I saw an male octoling, he looked like the one I fought when I was hypnotized by that goo on my eye. Now I was patched up perfectly I mean do he study medical lessons for himself? I noticed his beautiful structures, soft kissable lips oh I think he was an angel. But I felt bad for what I have done and at the same time impressed because he was strong and skilled thats why he only got few bondages on his body for the wounds.

But I didnt know if I should trust him easily, yet I didnt even know if he was an enemy or not. Minutes later I heard a message from Marina from the octoling's zipper mic from his black crop top like shirt, I pretend to be asleep as he touched my tentacle hair gently after he woke up and I suddenly turn into my squif form 'how does he do that?' as I said in my thoughs as I felt him carry me all the way to the man hall and he started to run through the dark alley and the sun was setting, He was all his way to a condominium yet its familiar. He go to the elevator to get his keys and open the door of his unit. 'what is he doing now?' as I though and nervous.

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