Mia's POV

So I just met Luke and he is really sweet and quite the looker. I hope he is okay though, that box sounded heavy when it fell.

"Watch your step." Luke said as we walked into his house.

We walked in and I saw three other boys setting down some boxes, they don't look so strange.

"Guys this is Mia." Luke said and all of their head turned to face us.

"Hi I'm your neighbor, it's nice to meet all of you." I said.

"Hey I am Michael. It's nice to meet you too." A blue haired boy said to me.

"I like your hair." I said with absolutely no sarcasm in my voice. His hair was actually really cool. I would never be allowed to do that to my hair. My parents want me to be perfect and fit right in with everyone.

"They call me Papa Smurf." He says jokingly, at least I think he was joking, to which we all laughed a little.

"Hi, I am Calum. Nice to meet you." A cute, dark haired boy said.

"Hi same to you Calum." I said.

"I guess that just leaves me. Hi I am Ashton. Nice to meet you babe." He said. These boys aren't strange at all, they seem really cool.

"So why does Luke look like he is gonna cry?" Michael asked.

"Oh, um he dropped a box on his toe." I said trying not to look at Luke's now swelling and bruised toe that you coluld see since he was wearing flip-flops.

"Real nice mate, we just barely moved in and you already hurt yourself!" Calum said.

"It's not my fault, you're the one who made me carry like the heaviest box we have." Luke said blaming Calum for his injury.

"Okay let's stop arguing about whose fault it was and get Luke to a doctor." Ashton says getting his keys out of his pocket.

"Let's go, who's coming with?" Ashton asked. "I'll go." Michael said

"I'll stay and unpack." Calum said. Then I remembered what my mom said about being a good neighbor, so I said

"I'll help Cal unpack." I said already giving Calum a nickname.

"No you don't have to do that. You are our friend, not our maid." Luke said.

"No really it's fine. I am just trying to be a nice and helpful neighbor." I said

"Okay but if you decide you don't want to help anymore, that's fine cause you are our friend not-"

"Not your maid, I get it but I want to help. Now go before your toe falls off." I said

"Okay we will call you guys once we find anything out, okay?" Ashton asked.

"Okay" Calum and I say in unison. I gave Ashton the directions to the hospital and they left.

So then there were two...

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