Chapter 5

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After my therapy session, I decided to relax in my room. I thought about how my parents looked at me in disgust as they found me talking to someone, someone only I could see. They called me crazy, said that they didn't want to live with a daughter that could see things that weren't actually there.

They had taken me to the doctors, I was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

They never wanted a daughter, someone who had a mental condition which could harm their reputation's.

I didn't feel anything. I didn't feel anger at my parents, I didn't feel abandoned when they left me at Elton House, I didn't feel scared when Luhan first showed up in my life.


"Okay, so here's where you'll have your 4pm council session." Yixing showed me to a room with a few people, I saw Sehun sitting among the group.

"I'll be holding this session," Yixing looked down at me, smiling widely.

I nodded and went to sit down, straight across from Sehun. There weren't many people in the room, about eight counting myself. They all had purple badges indicating we all had schizophrenia.

"So, because you're new, how about you start Y/n. What's your reason why you're here?" Yixing looked straight at me.

"Don't you already know, you asked me that this morning." I said, rolling my eyes, I've had enough of this already.

"Well, everyone else in the room doesn't know what you see. They'll have the same treatment as you, they'll repeat their problems too."

Sighing, I started. "I see a boy, he's been with me since I was young. He even gave himself a name. I'm so crazy, my mind even made the boy a life, he repeats the same things every day, saying he died from a painful death, he drills it into my head. I can't always see him, the pills help, but he always appears when I least expect it. Sometimes I also hear voices, they start as incoherent whispers before turning into shouts, when it turns painful, they stop. That's what makes me crazy, I guess." I looked up at Yixing with lowered eyelids.

"Now, don't call yourself crazy. Your just different from other people." He soothed. Though I knew he was hiding something, lying to himself.

"At least yours isn't the worst..." A boy two seats away from me said out loud.

"Hoseok, why don't you go next?" Yixing told the boy who had just said his thoughts out loud.

"What makes me crazy, is the voices. They make me do things, I blank out sometimes. They tell me to do things that I don't want to do, but they drill the commands in my skull. Eventually, I do as they say. When I was young, they told me to push my father out of the boat, we had been fishing, I started crying and he told me what was wrong. I started panicking, so I pushed him. He survived though, never took me out again. Thinking about it now, I guess it was a good thing, I hated fishing." Hoseok stared at the ground in front of him, no emotion evident on his face.

"Deep," someone said, not having any clear emotion on his face.

"He survived though, so that's the good thing!" Yixing clapped his hands once, strangely having that same smile set on his face.


"Sehun, why don't you go next!" Yixing yelled out when everyone had finished. Yixing didn't go in order, probably leaving Sehun last on purpose.

Sehun sighed, looking at me before starting. "I guess I have the same problem as Y/n." It was the first time he had ever acknowledged my presence. "I see a boy, he's also been with me since I was born. I once thought he was my guardian angel, but he seemed more like a devil than an angel. He had a troubled childhood, kind of like mine, I guess that's why I attached myself to him." He finished. Still staring at me, like he knew something that I didn't.

"Okay! That's it everyone! See you all tomorrow!" Yixing said cheerfully when the bell went off.


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