Chapter 3

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I stayed still for about five minutes before Yixing came running in late he was the mental patient. "Ya! There you are!" Yixing yelled out to me as he ran into the cafeteria.

"Sorry I took so long, I had to do something. But I heard you made some friends!" He smiled excited as he led me to my own therapy session. "Not the best type of people though." He mumbled, though I heard him.

"So, excited about your therapy session?!" His usual smile creeped up his face.

I just gave him a weird look, not feeling excited, or anything. "Why should I be excited about that?"

He deadpanned, "to make you better..." Then he smiled again, "so I can you smile!" He slightly squeezed my cheeks, then led me to a room.


Yixing brought me to one of those talk things, where people sit in a circle and you have to answer the questions when the councillor asks you.

"Ahh, here's our new patient," a councillor cheered, making most of the people look over at me.

"Ah, Sorry we're late, I had to show dear Y/n around, haha." Yixing rubbed the back of his neck, smiling at the councillor.

"Don't worry Dr Yixing, I'll take Y/n out of your hands," the councillor pointed to a spare chair in the circle, that same, annoying smile Yixing wears.

Yixing left to do his own business. Leaving me in the room with unfamiliar people. Well, except for a few familiar faces. I saw everyone from lunch- Joonmyun, Minseok, Kyungsoo, Baekhyun, and Sehun. I couldn't see that other guy, Jongdae? I think his name was.

"So, why don't you introduce yourself," the councillor asked me.

I stood up, facing the different types of looks people were giving me. Some were excited- like Baekhyun, some were neutral and some were uninterested- like that Sehun guy.

"My name is Y/n," I then faced the councillor, "I'm done," I then sat down, ignoring the sad expression of the councillor.

"Well then Y/n, my name is Ms Rose, feel free to call me Rose." She smiled stiffly at me and sat down, "now because Y/N here is new, why doesn't everyone make her fell comfortable and introduce yourselves."

"She's going to stay here for a very long time," Sehun mumbled, sitting five seats to my right.

"Sehun, why don't you start because you seem to have something to say?" Ms Rose said smugly to Sehun, she must've heard him.

"I'd rather not," he said boredly.

"Okay then, I'll come back to you after. Tao, why don't you start. What is laughter to you?"

"Laughter is an angel to my soul, it cheers me up when I'm at my lowest. But, it's hard to come by, I hardly feel it anyone." Tao said cheesyly.

Tao had a yellow badge, indicating he had depression.

"Sehun, what about you. What is laughter to you?" The councillor asked Sehun.

Sehun rolled his eyes, "You can't have manslaughter without the laughter." He said rather boredly.

He said it rather pointlessly, but the group had different reactions.

Joonmyun started laughing hysterically, his head leaning backwards.

Minseok began giggling like a little school girl.

Tao's eyes were watering.

Someone began crying, and another began screaming hysterically.

While Sehun just rolled his eyes, and looked around the room. His eyes stared at something right behind me.

"You've gotta admit," a familiar voice came around me, "it's sorta funny."

Luhan, was his name. I was so insane that my mind had decided to give him a name. He had started referring to that name when I asked him what it was.

Not giving Luhan any attention, I stayed facing forward and ignored him. I knew that if I gave him any indication that I heard him, he'll torment me until he gives up.

"Ya! Are you actually going to ignore me!" He yelled. "Fine, but don't expect me to come back when you feel lonely," he also had a grumpy attitude.

I just ignored him as he disappeared, I had no idea why my mind made him so insufferable.

Sighing, I sat back in my chair, the rest of the council session lasting forever.


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