Chapter 2

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The buzzing of the alarms went off, alerting everyone of the patient who stood silently, her eyes glazed over. A medic in blue scrubs came up to her, pressing her back with his palm to lead her forward.

When they stopped in front of an iron door, with a 30cm squared glass panel above the door handle (which was barred with steel bars), the medic reached over the girl's shoulder to push the key in.

"Well, here we are, patient 6bx0092, this'll be your home for the next two years."

Patient 6bx0092, not Y/n...

The medic shoved Y/n into the room, guiding her over to the desk where a piece of paper sat. Next to the bed was a single bed, with somewhat clean sheets stretched over the dingy mattress. The room wasn't large enough to pace, but big enough to stretch your legs.

The medic pointed to the sheet, "that's a list of things you can do in your spare time, not like you'll have any..." He then turned to walk out the door, but not before looking over his shoulder, "get comfy hon, you're gonna be spending a long time in here~."

He then slammed the door closed, making sure to twist the lock back into place. He looked at Y/n through the small window, then gave a mock salute before sauntering off, shouting at Y/n's neighbour.


Waking to a banging on an iron door, definitely wasn't ideal. Especially when the said person walked through the door threshold and smiled brightly at Y/n, like an old friend, not...this."

"You can come out, it's not a prison," he laughed- quite nervously, his light brown hair bouncing off his cheeks.

Getting up with withdrawal from a sleeping drug (thanks to the blue-scrubbed medic), made Y/n's muscles somewhat weaker. The doctor stepped forward to help, but Y/n's arm came up between them, and...the doctor stayed put.

"My name's Zhang Yixing, I'll be one of your doctors this year." The man smiled as Y/n stood up, her knee cracking from the movement.


He grinned, "Well, Y/n. It's nice to finally meet you." He stuck out his hand, it took Y/n a moment to realise she had to grab it.

"Let's get going, shall we?" Yixing turned to the door, and let Y/n stumble after him.


"And this is the eating hall, where we obviously eat, haha!" He waved his hands around.

Y/n, who had gathered some more muscle movement since basically chasing after Yixing, rolled her eyes. The doctor then turned a gleaming eye onto her.

"Hey! You shouldn't roll your eyes, they'll get stuck in the back of your head!"

"I rather not see anything," Y/n mumbled, failing to dig her hands into her pockets once realising her new outfit bore none.

"Be greatfull you can even see," another doctor walked up behind from Yixing, his uniform looked exactly like the other doctor's. He wore a silver watch on his left hand, which beeped soundlessly. His dark brown eyes had dark under eye circles, ones that showed how tired he was.

"Oh, Doctor Wu, how is your day?!" Yixing cheerfully asked, his hand finding it's way to Y/n's elbow.

"Well it was good," he commented glaring at me. "Keep your patients in check, would you." He walked away after that.

Y/n muttered something under her breath, which made Yixing's green eyes widen. "Hey! That's not nice, we shouldn't use that language here." Yixing carefully elbowed Y/n.

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