Two : punishment

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"Ugh , I'm so tired" you said as you walked along the path that took you to your dorm that you shared with the Okumuras. You were glad the day was over so all you could think of was relaxing and sleeping.

As you opened the door it hit you "fuck , Rin still has to finish some business with me." You lightly bit your lip as you went into your room and changed into a long shirt leaving you in your underwear and no bra.

Walking to the kitchen to make some food you bumped into Yukio as you look up he blushed a bit. "Hey (Y/N) you look good." he said eyeing you up and down. Not realizing Rin was actually in the doorway looking at you and Yukio talking.

You kindly said thank you and grabbed a water bottle heading back to your room not knowing that Rin followed you.

Opening the door you felt a hand covering your mouth and pushing you in locking the door , you turned around looking at Rin. "WHAT THE FUCK YOU SCARED ME RIN!" You said as you lightly smacked his head.

Rin walked towards you pinning you on the wall as he started to kissed you , you kissed him back as both of Your tongues play with each other , you pushed him down to the bed and straddle his waist as you started to kiss him again.

Rin being satisfied with this he smirked and started removing your shirt noticing your boobs hanging freely
"no bra I see." He said smirking

You rolled your eyes annoyingly and grabbed his tail lightly stroking it with your thumb him moaning.

Your hands are quick to remove his shirt as your small finger lightly traces his chest , as your bodies press together with the mixture of lust and greed feeling each other , the room getting hotter as a grunt escapes Rins mouth.

The kiss has you in a haze as your hands quickly begin to unbutton his pants pushing down his boxers letting his hard cock out.

Groans escape him as your small fingers wrap around his cock, before lowering yourself down coming face to face with his long length.

You take it in your mouth taking it all . Your tongue licks his tip then down to the vein in the underside of his cock, causing Rin to growl.

Licking the tip of his cock you flick your tongue on his tip then he grabs your hair  forcing your head down as you take him completely.

He begins to thrust up causing you to slightly gag turning him on you look up meeting his eyes , as he groans and moans in pleasure causing your underwear to damp with wetness.

"Fuck babygirl" he moans as you pump his cock with your hands watching his head roll back and moaning.

Coming back up he pulls you close you again straddling his lap both of you look at each other before he pulls you to a kiss and he says the words

"I love you (y/n), so fucking much baby."
You smiled and kiss his lips. " I love you too Rin." You interwind your fingers with his and continue kissing him till he pulls away.

"Now because you been a bad girl im going to pound your pussy really hard ." , you look into his eyes that are filled with hunger , looking at him you can't help but moan as he pulls down your underwear touching your inner thigh slightly.

Once your underwear is down he turns you over , your backside touching his chest as he positions his cock in your entrance before roughly pushing in.

Moans and grunts leave both of y'all as he starts thrusting roughly into you as he opens and holds your legs wide , your eyes roll back as you feel his cock slowly stretching the inside of your pussy.

"f-fuck Rin it feels so good." You can't help but start whimpering and grabbing rins hair pulling it slightly.

"There you go , yeah just like that." He groans and starts to pick up his pace , as you pull his hair harder causing him to grunt darkly turning you on completely.

"Holy shit Rin f-fuck your going so deep and hard inside my pussy oh fuck !" Your voice goes higher making Rin go even faster.

"You like that babygirl, you like me fucking your tight pussy!" Rin says as he stops and pushes you to the bed then putting one leg up immediately putting his cock back in, the sound of skin filling the room.

He starts going even faster making your stomach go into a not you already ready to cum , as you clench the bed sheets tightly you cum but that doesn't stop Rin , he goes more faster than he was before now rubbing your clit as he fucked you hard and rough.

"I fucking saw Yukio checking you on , like what the fuck , doesn't he fucking know that you belong to me and only me and plus you coming after I told you not to ." Rin says as he keeps on pounding you , while you're a whimpering mess.

Shit! Fucking bitch , hell I bet if I wasn't there he would've pin you to the wall and start touching you ." He growls at the thought you barely comprehending and moans escape your lips as he picks you up still fucking you but now going in deeper than before , pretty sure he's taking his anger out on you.

"Ill fucking show you that I only get to do that! I'll fucking show you (Y/N)." Rin loudly says as he places you on the bed bending you over and slamming inside you circling your clit with his fingers.

"Fuck yes ! Rin oh fuck fuck !" You clench the bed sheets so hard your knuckles go white you never thought Rin could fuck you like this it was the best thing ever.

Rin still fucking you so hard you slightly start to shake, your boobs move up and down till you feel a hand Rin grabs your boobs and starts massaging them then pinching your nipple causing you to moan and a tear roll down your face in pleasure.

The whole building filled with moans and grunts , causing Rin to stimulate his arousal he slams into you one more time then his cum immediately fills you up.

You collapse completely , Rin laying next you pulling you close . "Well damn maybe I should let Yukio look at me in just a shirt and undies more often and maybe I should disobey more often" you giggle and he chuckles.

"-Oh no I don't think so, I can only see you like and (y/n) don't try me trust me I'll fuck you so hard you won't be able to move one inch" he whispers in your ear then kisses your head.

"-Anywho , lets go again babe" he smirks and grabs you by your tiny waist pulling you closer.

"Let's do it ." You bite your lip kissing him again.

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(A/N) Sooo I don't know 😂
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I hope y'all like it 💓😉.
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