Frisk x asreal

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*Flowey suddenly turnes into Asreal*

Flowey- Oh...i was tired of being a flower..... oh!! Houdy Frisk!! Houdy MSCheerPrincess0526!!!

MSCheerPrincess0526 and frisk- hi.

Frisk- why are we still here?

Asreal- yeah, why ARE we still here.... oh no, wait!!!!

MSCheerPrincess0526- yes!! ASREAL AND FRISK, SITTING IN A TREE! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!

Asreal- stoooopppp!!

MSCheerPrincess0526- MAKE ME. =)

Frisk- CHARA??????!!?!?

MSCheerPrincess0526- oh, chara is not here. She ( imma say she ) is in the other room. The waiting room. She will wait her turn to come in.

Asreal- so, you ship me and Frisk?

MSCheerPrincess0526- What?! No!! I just do it because I feel you two have a strong bond. I ship Assy with Chara tho!! =)

Asreal- What? I didn't hear what you said.

MSCheerPrincess0526- nothing, nothing at all that is important.. at all... nope..

Asreal- Ok?

Frisk- I don't know about this one... it is a bit weird to be shipped with your brother.

MSCheerPrincess0526- please don't remind me of that ship.

Asreal- which one?

MSCheerPrincess0526- ( hint hint ) s+p

Frisk- NO WAY. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO!!!

MSCheerPrincess0526- people ship it tho.

Frisk- hell naw!!! I'm now perfectly fine with this ship now!!!

Asreal- yeah. Still weird, but it's suddenly ok now.


MSCheerPrincess0526- 2/10 (( sibling love=7/10 ) still no!!!! )
Asreal- 6/10 ( sibling love=10/10 )
Frisk- 5/10 ( sibling love=10/10 )

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