V.Harshness and Shopping

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Not like the other kids


I woke up the next morning, I roller over to my night table and opened my phone

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I woke up the next morning, I roller over to my night table and opened my phone.
"What the fuck?" I uttered in a breathy voice.

I had 7 calls from Jughead🌙
2 calls from Archie⚡️
5 calls from Betty🌸
And 9 calls from Veronica🌼

1,056 notifications on instagram,
726 on Twitter, and 60 notifications on Snapchat.


"I knew it was a bad idea!" I growled at Cheryl.

"What are you talking about Ness? Reggie deserved it!" Cheryl espoused herself.

"It was harsh Cee," I rejoiced in a honeyed voice, using me and Cheryls Childhood nickname.

"Vanessa Constance Andrews! That piece of shit garbage and you are over! So just stop defending him, he treated you like shit! You are gonna change, Come on we're going shopping." Cheryl demanded, in a ringing tone.

"Ch-" I was about to banter when I saw her turn the corner of my living room,
"LETS GO!" Her disembodied voice shouted.

I groaned in response and lazily hoisted myself from my seat.
"So what about the snake who looked you up and down? You know that perverted sicko at your brothers fight?" Cheryl questioned, obviously talking about the colossal serpent.

"Oh, My God! Veronica told you didn't she!?" I dictated, in which Cheryl nodded her head.
"That snitching little bitch, Why do you ask?"

"Let's meet him somewhere and give him a piece of our minds. So what did you notice about him?" She asked,pondering.

"Uh-a tattoo!" I exclaimed remebering his features. "And a leather jacket!"


After me and Cheryl finished shopping, we had a variety of bags from several stores.

We walked into a bar on the Southside that Jughead told us is where serpents usually hang.

You walked in, Cheryl following closely behind. Although Cheryl was gonna be the one to reprimand him, she insisted on following behind me.

"What are you Northsiders doing here?" An old man with long hair, a beard, and a very tall structure asked us. We saw a group of people start to surround us, its was surely frightening.

Then I saw him look up from the pool table. "Their here for me." He generously nodded his head towards the door that led outside."ah, are these another one of your bitches?" One asked, in which he flipped them off. The three of us walked outiside, "Why the hell are you here? Do you know how dangerous that is! If I wasn't there you- Who are you?" He looked over at Cheryl.

"I'm Cheryl Blossom, AKA, Cheryl Bombshell. And, as for as I know, your sick perverted self has got no chance with my girls, or, any northsider for that matter. Apologize!" She demanded.

"Why? And what?" He asked clearly not getting the meaning of this.

"THIS, means that your hand are OFF my girl. Got that? Got to go know, see ya later Ness!" Cheryl waved goodbye. Before walking off to her car.

"I'm sorry, she is is-I'm- yeah- a stone cold bitch." I apologized.
"Can we restart? At a meeting were you're not kicking my brothers ass."

Sweet pea wanted to show hatred, He wanted to see that she was any other Northside girl, but she wasn't.

"Hi, I'm Sweet Pea." He spoke in a husky tone, extended his hand for me to shake.
"I'm Vanessa Constance Andrews." I beamed.

We spent 2 hours sitting and talking. We exchange numbers and talked some more.
"My brother is coming home soon." I state standing up.

"You friend took your car didn't she?" He asked after he noticed me stop walking.

"Yeah, well, Bye!" I began walking off.
"Oh no no. You can not walk alone on the Southside, c'mon." He nodded over to his bike, in which I hesitantly walked towards it.

"What about your helmet?" I asked as he placed a helmet on me.
"Darlin', your safety is way more important to me." He smirked. I was flustered by his comment, my inside bubbles up with joy.

I sat behind him, and squeezed his hips as hard as I could, and he didn't seem affected one bit.

He revved the motor before speed off to the Northside.

Once we arrived at my home, I looked up to him gave him a small hug before walking off.
"Bye flower boy!" I yelled as my back was turned to him.
"Bye Strawberry!".

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