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"striking shadow snakes," y/n said as snakes came out from under her sleeves and went for the leaf village shinobi

the leaf dodged the snakes that y/n sent after them everyone was focused on y/n until they heard naruto scream, everyone looked at him and their eyes widened

wrapped around naruto where black snakes

" Oh sorry about that Naruto you were most vulnerable and right now my chakra is quite low since ya know I just had a battle a few hours ago," y/n said

naruto tried to get out but the grip was to tight, Naruto tried to use his chakra but nothing happened

" don't event try naruto you see those snakes are special the more you try to use your chakra they more they can absorb it those are chakra absorbing snakes," y/n said as the chakra the snakes absorbed had gone to her

"just what....did Orochimaru turn you into huh, y/n!" Kiba yelled looking at the girl in front of him his heart was shattering the girl he's in love with is right in front of him attacking him and his friends

" what did he turn me into, nothing I am still an avenger nothing more he just...gave me the power to get the revenge I need" y/n stated as she activates her Sharingan

y/n looked at the sky

" y/n Uchiha please just come along with us back to the leaf we don't want to fight," Yamato said

"I said before and I'm going to say it again...I'm done with everyone in the leaf " y/n said looking at Yamato

" the leaf are nothing but weakling who have limits to what their power can be but...when I was with Orochimaru there was no limit to how much power I could have, if he would have given us our revenge long ago then I would have given my life to him when he needed a new body" y/n said as an evil smile formed onto her lips

it started to rain the snakes around naruto disappeared as y/n did a hand sign everyone got ready for her next attack

" it was fun wasting your time " y/n said as she disappeared with the wind

" Kiba is she nearby," Sakura asked

kiba tried to get y/n's scent it was nearby but fading due to the rain

" yes is very faint we have to hurry the rain is washing it away," Kiba said

everyone was looking for y/n and Sasuke's sent or anything that they were still there, after searching the leaf had no success

*time skip*

y/n walked in Sasuke's sight, Sasuke and team Hebi where waiting for y/n to finish with the leaf

" y/n," Sasuke said catching y/n's attention

" how did it go, " Sasuke asked walking towards his sister

" fine just fine no injuries just a few broken hearts, " y/n said with a smirk

" Alright let's go," Sasuke said as everyone started to go to the first Akatsuki hideout


team hebi had been stopped by one of the seven ninja swordsmen of the mist Kisame hoshigaki who told them only Sasuke and y/n were the only ones to pass, the two went pass Kisame with no harm leaving Karin, Jugo, and suigetsu to wait for them

it was unknown to the two Uchiha's that suigetsu decided to play with Kisame

karin was counting on y/n to keep Sasuke from death

before y/n left she whispered something only she could hear

"don't worry I'll protect him," y/n said before she went with Sasuke to find Itachi

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