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"So, undecided? Completely? No idea what you want to do? Come on Charlie, you've got to have feelings towards something."

"Well..." Another drink. "My parents were pretty strict, I guess I just want to do something that could be, I don't know. Exciting."

"Hey, maybe you ought to be a cop too."

I laughed. "Yeah, no, my Dad would never let that happen."

"Hey, it's your life, no one can stop you from pursuing what you want unless you let them." He had this twinkle in his eye, as though he really believed that was true. I was so insanely jealous of him, and I wanted that to be true. Maybe, it could be true?

He was right no one could stop me unless I let them. Dad wasn't here, none of his men were here, I was here, and this was my life. I wasn't going to let them control it. So I scooted around the U shaped booth and I kissed him, just like that. I kissed him like I wasn't afraid, like I had dated and kissed tons of guys before and not just once on a dare from the twins, I kissed him like I was a grown up women who had no reason to avoid the police. And he kissed me back. 


Hello readers old and new! 

This is technically book four of the midnight mafia series, but is actually a complete stand alone novel. This book will be about a character named Charlie, books one through three were about about her parents. So it's a spin off if you will! Meaning if you don't want to read books one through three it absolutely will not hinder your experience with this book :D

I will say that the updating schedule on this will likely be a little sporadic. I would love to say I will post for you every Friday, but it will depend a lot on free time, inspiration, and motivation, as I have a lot going on in life right now, but I really miss wattpad, and I do have some idea tossing and turning in my head I would like to share. 

I will say for those who read the first three books, that Charlie is a teenager so the story will be written a little bit different to fit the character's age and personality. There will still be action, and drama, romance, and humor, and surprises, I am fairly sure you won't see where this is going to go right off the bat. 

I will also say there IS a possibility that the title might change, so add the book to your library or follow me so you can easily find it. I will post on my wall should I decide on a different title!

Please do remember to vote and comment, because they are so very important to authors on here, and thank you for reading!

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