Chapter 33

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-Eridan P.O.V-

Things are seeming more and more hopeless by the minute, almost have the group is injured, and one's slowly bleeding to death. If you could just get a good shot then that bloody little murderer you could kill em off. You suddenly freeze up when you hear a scream, the body soon tossed aside like trash.

"Hey Ed." Sol coughs a bit. You quickly go over to his body and grip his hand tightly. "You know, I always wanted to have a future with you." He laughs a bit. "Guess that's not happening."

"No, you can't die, not know, not like this." He moves a shaking hand up to your cheek.

"The healers are probably gonna die soon, I don't really have a choice." You feel tears start rolling down your cheeks. He wipes them away. "If by some miracle we meet in another life the first thing I'll do is kiss you." His words almost make you believe their true, and you'll meet again one day.

"Aw, how sweet, you think you'll actually be happy." The murderous little shit says after driving a sword through your stomach and quickly pulling it out to finish off everyone else.

"Well, at least you don't have to wait, Sol." You cling to him he comforts you until his last breathe, you should have done more for him, you shouldn't have treated him the way you did. The life fades from your body as you feel nothing but regret.

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