Raph x reader

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F/f = favorite flower

F/c = favorite candy 


Raph's P.O.V

i was sitting on (Y/n)'s windowsill waiting for them to open the window, i had a bouquet of (F/f) and some (F/c) for them. "omg Raph!" they screamed and rushed to open the window. once i was in i hugged them "hey babe" i saisd into their neck "Raph its freezing out!" they screamed "hey hey hey dont worry bout me, im alright." i told them and handed them the flowers "oh raph... there beautiful..." they said and put them in a vasse "i got you some (F/c) to." i said holding them out for my love. "raph... your way to thoughtful..." they said and put them in a drawer "come on lets go watch (F/m)!!" they said excited and pulled me into the living room.

(Y/n)'s P.O.V

we wound up staying up all nigh long watching a lot of our favorite movies. it was really fun but after he left i passed out only to hear my phone ring "nuuuu..." i said picking it up and looking at the text. 

Raphi boi: hey babe, hope you had fun on our date night, get some sleep. love you with all my heart <3 

"Awwww..." i said texting him back

(Y/n): love you more raphi boi, i had a great night and im going to bed now. see you later. <3

i then drifted to sleep.

3ed person P.O.V

(y/n) finally fell asleep after what seemed like hours. raph texted them one last message before going to sleep himself. to ream of his Lover.

Raphi boi: love you most. <3 <3


sorry i haven't updated in a long time, i have just been trying to find the motivation and time to do so. please requested anything you want at all. i will be editing every chapter so i can make them gender bias because i feel like a jerk for not.

By Loves ~Marcellus

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