Sans x Toriel

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Sans- what's wrong kiddo? Can't we handle a situation like mature adults?

MSCheerPrincess0526- but there's one problem statement... I'm not an adult.... I'm only 12.

Toriel- Sans, I told you that she was my child! Along with frisk. But, my child... Aren't you too young to know about all of this.

MSCheerPrincess0526- I'll let everyone in on a secret. You do not actually want to know or see what I see on my phone. DON'T TELL!!!

Sans- isn't one promise enough!?

Toriel and MSCheerPrincess0526- no!!!

Toriel- promise for my child, please!?

Sans- FINE.

MSCheerPrincess0526- ok, questions! How do you do feel about Soriel?!

Toriel and sans- what's Soriel?

MSCheerPrincess0526- Sans + Toriel...

Sans- ok... well, I feel like it could be a bit weird. I'm a skeleton and I can't kiss.

MSCheerPrincess0526- *takes out phone* Sans... *showes this pic...*

Sans- how did you get this photo!?

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Sans- how did you get this photo!?

MSCheerPrincess0526- ....the undernet. Toriel, what is your opinion?

Toriel- I'm all right with this my child. Not too fond of it but, I would like it.


MSCheerPrincess0526- -10/10
Sans- 3/10
Toriel- 8/10

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