Chapter 16: The Team

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When Batman was sure about his protege not being a thread to them, he finally allowed him to leave the room.

Robin was about to thank Batman for his trust in him even after today when Batman suddenly started listing up a few new rules.

"You are suspended for the next time", he told him coldly.


"No patrolling in Gotham and no missions with the team, is that clear!", Bruce raised his voice scaring the team on the other side of the mirror but not Robin.

He just glared at his mentor before nodding. He didn't dare to speak up.

Batman was furious and Robin was, too, even though he understood Bruce's paranoia.

"Rule two: You are not leaving the mountain or the Batcave"

"So you'll basically just lock me up here", Dick glared hardly.

"Rule three: From now on, you will have to be under constant supervision by either a League member or a team's member"

"What the hell?!"

"On the other way, if you disagree with the rules, I could lock you up in a cell at the Watchtower for the team's and the League's security"

"You wouldn't dare..."

Bruce was treating his own son like one of Gotham's worst criminals right now. And he didn't mind it at all. He couldn't trust this person he once called a son anymore.

Robin on the other hand thought about the worst case scenario now.

Jumping over the table, ignoring being handcuffed to the table and strangulating his now probably former mentor didn't seem to be that bad at all.

But nooooo. He was a hero now. So...

"Alright whatever", he said through gritted teeth.

"Then you are free to go", Batman said taking the handcuffs' keys from his utility belt.

Robin just opened the handcuffs without a key by himself and stood up.

"What?", he asked the shocked bat walking towards the door.

When he opened it he saw his team... by the looks you could call it former team.

"Guys?", the youngest member looked at them afraid for their reactions. He lied to them and expected every possible reaction from them.

Would they neglect him now? Hate him? Punch him?

Or maybe they'll even understand... they'll understand that the past is in the past and everything would get back to normal.

Oh hell no!

Kaldur had no problems with showing his disappointment while Megan just looked scared of him.

Conner and Artemis had an equal amount of paranoia and disgust written on their faces even though they could kinda relate the most to him.

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