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Mary's POV

I woke up wrapped up in his arms in my shorts and a t-shirt . I hate sleeping naked I feel weird . He woke up right after me . He began planting kisses on my lips . I giggled and pushed him back.

"Ethan go away !" I jokingly said .

"Let me love you baby." He said as he kept kissing my lips .

"And quit calling me Ethan call  me baby boy or prince I hate being called Ethan . I want to let these girl know I'm yours ." He chuckled .

"So , Ethan ." I said on purpose .

"Babyboy." He said clenching his teeth together.

I giggled at the sight .

"So Willy Wonka ,  i was wondering if you can carry me to the living room ." I said and burst out laughing.

"That's It you're calling me daddy from now on . I don't want to hear you fuss about it . You wanted to mess around and now you can't mess around. And no I won't carry you to the living room ." He said and have me a fake smile .

I need to get off this bed somehow and walking isn't an option. I got close to him cause someway somehow I'm going to get this bitch to take me to the living room.

"Daddy please take me to the living room ." I said as i slowly slid my hand down in his boxer briefs.

His breath hitched . I slowly stroked his member . He quickly took my hand out .

"Princess I know what you're trying to do and it's not working. So you better stop your shit cause daddy isn't taking you to the living room . Final discussion." He said as he got off the bed and walked out of the room .

I slowly got up and limped to Ethan's closet. The pain was horrible. I remembered he had crutches in there so I took them and made myself to the living room . Ethan looked at me with a shocked expression.

"Seems like you figured it out ." He said sitting next to me .

I sat on his lap . I needed revenge for last night so I started smacking the shit out of him .

"You - fucking - piece- of - shit."

I stopped smacking him because the grabbed my hands .

"Yesterday it seemed like you were begging for me to get up in it ." He smirked .

"You bitch ass you fucking rearranged my fucking guys ." I smacked him one more time .

He winked .

"Of course I did , when you're balls deep you kinda have too ." He smart mouthed .

"Shut your goofy looking ass up ." I said .

He flipped me under him . He was towering over me . I got a little intimidated.

He randomly started giving me kisses all over my face .

"Kissy monster ahhhhh!" He said .

"No not the kissy monster!" I played along .

"I guess tickle monster didn't come ." He added .

He kept leaving kisses on my face left and right. I giggled cause they tickled .

"I love you princess ." He said and gave me one las kiss on my lips .

"I love you too my little goof ball." We both laughed a bit at the last part .

He held me in his arms as we lied together on the couch while we watched sponge bob .

Later that day

I was stuck on the couch while Ethan was a floor below me with Grayson. I have to say I miss Grayson I haven't seen my best friend in a minute.

I was walking around the penthouse with crutches which is a pain in the ass  , like damn .

My ass was sore my whole lower half felt like it was falling off . When I say he was in balls deep , I mean he was balls deep .

I can't say I didn't like it though.

Ethan's POV

I was playing 8 ball with Grayson as I told him what went down last night . Cause damn your boy was more than satisfied.

"I can't believe she said you rearranged her guts ." He laughed .

" I can't either man ,but I'm glad to have done it  . Her ass was so fat bro I swear that girl is blessed with a slim thick body ." We both chuckled.

"Yo Ethan the strippers are here ." Grayson called out from the kitchen.

"I'm coming bro ." I replied.

I walked over to the living room only to be greeted by some beautiful women. Me and Grayson got seated . The girls started giving us a show . Grayson and I were enjoying the fuck out of this . Something new is refreshing. The girls were grinding all up on us making us hard as we drank our cup of Jack Daniel's .

We were getting all type of aroused . They gave us a hand job . We were both fulfilled with pleasure.

They started to get on their knees me and Grayson smirked at each other knowing what was about to go down .

Our members were now down their throats. Our heads were thrown back in pleasure. Man do these girls know how to handle this .

The penthouse elevator doors revealing Mary with her eyes went wide . I sat there frozen.

I heard her sigh and then the elevator doors closed.

What does it matter now . I always break her . I'm no good for her and I never will be . She's going to leave . And I'm going to be alone. I just need to get over her . I always cheat and I don't think that's going to change anytime soon my temptations are strong.

Mary's POV

It's over for the 13 time . He really just used me . I don't ever think he's going to change .  You try to help someone but they don't take your help . So they go back to their old ways .

I don't know why I even try
'Cause he doesn't want us no more .

He doesn't love me
If I knew better
I would do better.

I'm just going to leave before I lose it . 

I'm with Chris driving around the city trying to clear my mind .  He's been cheering me up .

My heart is just empty now . I changed my phone number on Ethan's phone so he won't have to listen.  I feel like that's it .

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