From Me To You With Love

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As I speed walk to T's hotel that morning, I think about a couple of things:

1) I do NOT want to love T

2) I love him anyway.

3) He loves me a lot.

4) He's not used to having one girl, so the fact that he cheated was just a little slip-up.

5) If he does it again, I will personally break every bone in that skinny body of his. 

6)Dana Black is my new BFF.

7) Blac Chyna is my enemy.

8) Travie is my new big brother.

9) Out of all of my family and friends back home, I miss Keron the most.

10) I am NOT the old Jaydi Campbell. The old me is gone, I have shedded her.I am a brave, smart, and famous girl now. Better yet, I am Tyga's girl.


I wasn't really sure why I went to T's hotel. I thought I knew why when I was walking there, but now as I'm standing in front of his door, shifting my weight from foot to foot, I have no clue.

It's been two weeks since we broke up. I've seen him a few times since then, but all those times I didn't love him. Or at least, I tried to tell myself I didn't love him. But now I have to go along with my heart, and my heart is telling me that I want him back.

need him back. 

I knock three times on the door, and it opens right away. He must've been looking at me through the peephole. T pulls me into the room and closes the door behind us. He's not wearing a shirt, just basketball shorts. 

We stand there and then he embraces me, wrapping his arms around me tightly. I hug back, but I don't cry. I'm just happy to be here where I belong, in T's arms. I want to stay here forever.

But of course, we can't hug for ever. Becuase we have to kiss.

And it was the most beautiful kiss I ever had in my entire life. I don't even know how to describe it....I was reluctant at first, but then he forced me with his mouth, and I gave in. And we kissed and kissed and kissed....

I'm not going to tell you what T did after that, but I will tell you this: afterwards, I was so tired and worn out that I couldn't go back to Travie's hotel. And I didn't want to anyway. I was happy to be right back here. Then I realized we hadn't spoken to each other since I'd walked in. 

"Look, I don't care what happens--I will never, ever, EVER cheat on you again. I love you too much." T says before I can speak, wrapping his arms around me. He tickles me, and I laugh loudly. But then he really looks into my eyes and becomes serious.

"You do love me, right?" He asks.

"Of course I do." I say to him. "I love that song you wrote for me too."  

After that we just talk for a long time. He keeps apologizing to me when I keep telling him it's okay. Then suddenly, he gets up, goes to grab something out of his jean's pocket, and hands it to me.

It's two wads of cash. It's $10,000 in all. 

I'm shocked. I can't speak. I don't know what to say, anyway. I keep stammering, trying to thank him in so many ways. 

"Don't sweat it, alright? Just take it. It's all yours, and don't let anybody know you have it." T says. "And I think you should give some to your family." He adds. 

"Them? I don't care about them." I snap back. I really don't. 

"Baby, I just think it isn't right for you to forget about them that way. It makes me feel kind of guilty, too, since I'm the reason you left them. Just go back there tonight, and hit them off with a couple bucks. That's all." T says.

Later that night, I call Keron.

"Hello?" He asks, not recognizing the new number.

"Keron, it's me, Jaydi." I say. There's a pause.

"Mama wants to kill you." He says after a while.

"I know. Don't tell her I called. I'm gonna fly you up here, okay? I have to give you something." I tell him.

"Something like drugs?"

"No, idiot, money! Just get your butt on a plane tomorrow morning. Bye."

I hang up then. And although I sounded annoyed on the phone with him, I'm crying tears of joy because I got to hear my brother's voice.G

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