30| Just Married.

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30| Just Married.

The couple rushed back to the house, assuming it would be the same as how they left it. But, no, of course not.

Luke was starting to think the universe didn't want them to be together. Like fate was just cockblocking him the whole time and telling him that Annie was too good for him.

She was too good for him obviously but damn with all this foreplay and what not he was getting all worked up.

Annie stopped their speed walking and Luke assumed it was for another temporary make out. He leaned forward and his lips colliding with her neck, not that he minded.

"What the hell?" Annie grumbled, voice sounding harsh. Luke whipped his head back, stuttering an apology and shaking his head.

"No,baby, not you," Annie cooed, pecking his lips sweetly in reassurance. "Theirs a huge party in the house... who the hell invited all these people too? Who are these people?" She questioned into the night.

"A party?" Luke groaned, knowing this night wasn't going to end the way e hoped.

Annie drags him along into the house, wanting to cover her ears from how bone-shaking the music was. She scopes out the area; over 150 people, everyone drunk, everyone dancing.

In the distance she spotted Calum and Michael playing a game of beer pong and Calum was clearly winning. She shuffled through the people with Luke's hand tightly in hers, standing next to the ping pong table from presumably the basement.

"Calum, who invited all these people?" Annie yelled over the music, pulling Luke next to her and wrapping her arm around him, not wanting him to leave her grip.

"Michael tweeted out and people actually showed up." He shrugged, throwing a ping going ball and landing it in Michael's cup, who groaned in annoyance.

Annie pulled the cup from his lips and placed it back on the table once he had finished, feeling like she was acting like a damn mum in this scenario.

"Why did you decide to throw a party in my house?" She questioned, glaring at Michael as waited for an answer.

"'Cause it's been so fuckin' tense in here and, Y'know, why the fuck not? Let's live a little!" He yelled, raising a cup and causing everybody to cheers.

Annie rolled her eyes, leading Luke to their bedroom and collapsing down on the bed. "It's going to take me awhile to get ready, did you want me to help you first then find Ashton for you?"

Luke sat next to her, shaking his head as he started a conversation about what Annie actually looks like. He wanted to get the best depiction of his girl and he wanted to imagine her for what she really was, not just some random image he's started to think up.

"I've told you a million times." Annie giggled, getting out her make up and beginning to paint herself.

"Yeah but, every time you say something different so I can picture you a little better." Luke shrugged, swinging his legs off of the bed and searching for his suitcase. Annie kicks it towards him, watching as he picked out a shirt and jeans. "How'd these look?"

"Good," Smiling, she continued to do her make up, taking her 40 minutes filled with Luke whining and groaning about wanting to go downstairs.

"You're such a baby." Annie giggled again, lastly slipping on her heals and clattering her way down stairs, Luke pondering behind her.


By 2:17am everyone was completely and utterly wasted, including the once wrongly sober couple. Annie was pulling Luke along wherever she went, by his clear demands obviously, he never wanted to be left alone with drunk people ever again.

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